Dissertation Topics for Australian Students

A dissertation is a document written for a candidate for having an academic degree or professional degree in presenting the author’s researches. It is applied to a doctor’s degree. The research of a dissertation is based on its quality. It can be different in other countries, universities. It requires a minimum time period to study the duration of a dissertation.

A dissertation is used to describe an essay to get an academic degree without any relations. A dissertation writing has a structure to write it and a different style too.

Structure of Dissertation Writing:

A dissertation can be defined as the study of a specific topic. The structure of a dissertation explains the purpose of.

it’s writing, methods included in it, researches of the project and many more.  Most universities follow the format mentioned below:

  • Introduction: It introduces the topic of research and its importance or scope.
  • Literature Review: It shows the different reviews of literature as well as how it will inform to the problems.
  • Findings Chapter: It helps in taking out the findings of the research chapters.
  • Analysis: It analyzes the findings of the research according to the literature review.
  • Conclusion: It shows the end result of the dissertation writing. 

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 Style of Dissertation Writing:

It has many styles as every degree-holding institutions have their own writing style. The older house styles tell the Frontmatter that must be written on a particular page in the sequence of the main text by using the roman numbers.

Many international standards define it as a design of the book which may confuse the reader while electronic documents will show all the pages in a sequence and it will be easy for the reader to read it. Every university has its different dissertation paper writing styles to make it interesting for the reader.

How to Make a Choice of Dissertation Topics:

Your teachers will suggest to you about how to search a dissertation topic but you can take help from other sources too like the dissertation sample papers they will give you an idea of what has been done.

Choosing a dissertation topic by yourself is a difficult task. You can look for the dissertation topic as some places as mentioned below:

  • One should study the current work in this field to find the problems and solutions of them by discussion.
  • Check out the work done by the other scientists.
  • Read the topics discussed at the current time period according to your subject interest.
  • List an online search of the current questions.

Types of Dissertation Topics:

  1. Business and Administration Topics: This kind of dissertation topic deals with the current situation of technology and researches in different fields. To write a dissertation on a particular subject will be a better option of earning in your future if you want to be in the business field. It can also become a developmental source for you in business management.
  2. Accounting Dissertation Topics:  It includes different aspects of accounting. Choosing it may be difficult but you can take help from the list mentioned below:
  • How Income Tax can affect the Business at low levels.
  • Analysis of Cash Flow Statements to Enhance the Success of a Company.
  • External Auditing and In house effects.
  1. Dissertation Topics for Management:  It includes topics related to the management of a company. It includes:
  • Job satisfaction of an employee and the HR Policies.
  • How to reward system can affect the performance of an employee.
  • How to manage client relations with the financial sectors.
  1. Business Dissertation Topics:  It deals with the current business situations and the dynamic changes that occur. It has many topics for dissertation writing as mentioned below:
  • Real Estate Programs that are environmentally friendly.
  • What Challenges International Companies face in a Business.
  • Strategies that Impress Foreign Companies.
  1. Public Administration Research Topics:  It has a wide list for dissertation writing as given below:
  • How to resolve the right of humans that are violated with the help of the government.
  • Importance of Gender Equality.
  • Practices of Corruption.
  1. Marketing Dissertation Topics:  It helps in knowing the current market situations. Some of the topics are:
  • Small Business has Efficient Marketing.
  • What is the difference between traditional and digital marketing?
  • Why packaging is important in the cosmetics industry?
  • Do Loyalty program work in the field of retail marketing? 

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