Debate Topics

What is the Debate?

A debate is an important part of demic writing. A debate is a well-ordered argumentation or a competition of the point of view among the students. In this competition, the contestants talk over a topic from two different sides. The people who are agreed from the debate topic are known as the PRO side and those who disagree with the debate topic are known as the CON side. For writing a debate one can use the samples and proofs to assist their point of view to make a good end result.

The main motive of a debate is to assure the opposite party that you are correct. When the two parties agree on the same topic or when the one-party argues is better than the other party its the point when the debate comes to an end. A debate if of two types i.e., Formal and Informal. The formal debate is a debate that agrees on two points that are the PRO and CON. The informal debate is a debate that continues until that time when the one-party gives up on a specific topic.

What is a Debate Topic?

A debate topic is an important part of the essay topic. It consists of the argument of both sides of the parties. It is a common task given to college students. It is a necessary part of the academics. It makes the students occupied in searching different facts for writing a debate topic.

The most difficult task for writing a debate topic is to choose it. One should choose a debate topic in which you are interested. A debate topic must be reasonable to the readers. One should choose a topic in which they have knowledge so that it would be easy for them to make the readers engaged in it.

Types of Debate Topics:

A debate topic is a very difficult task to choose from. Some of the debate topics are given below:

  • Educational:  This kind of topics is related to education. Some of these are given below:
  • College certificate is needed for a good job.
  • Homeschools are good than the conventional.
  • Junk food should be prohibited in schools.
  • Should homework be given for better learning?
  • Culture should be learned in schooling.


  • Political:  These topics are related to politics. They give information about politics. Some of these topics are given below:
  • Should guns be allowed to everyone?
  • A country may allow more displaced persons to get in.
  • Is the UN having an army in a position?
  • Us is having the democracy for voting.
  • Voting is a must for everyone.
  • Social:  This type of debate topics is related to society. Some of these are mentioned below:
  • Is recreation among humans be legal.
  • Should the government the unbound childbirth authority?
  • Should the flaming of the flag be illegal?
  • Medicare should be general.
  • Environmental:  This kind of debate topics shows environmental conditions. Some of these types of debate topics are given below:
  • Dynamic climatic conditions affect the environment.
  • Should the more land be provided for national parks or wildlife?
  • Is biological production have a future in the agriculture field.
  • Do tourism benefit the environment.


  • Technology:  These topics are related to the technological field. Some of these topics are mentioned below:
  • Robotics is beneficial or not.
  • Technology will protect the world or destroy it.
  • Technology is helping to make people attentive or not.
  • Do socialites communicable skills.
  • Argumentative:  This type of debate topic is related to the arguments. Some of these topics are given below:
  • Alcohol should be sold after 10 at night.
  • Can Dance be a sport?
  • Games can be a sport.
  • Is pop music is good from the others?

To make a good essay writing one should choose a topic from the above list. So it would be easy to write a debate topic.


How to Write a Debate:

To make an effective debate writing one should have sufficient knowledge about it. Some of the steps to writing a perfect debate are mentioned below:

  • Step1- Make a strong opening: If you want to write a perfect debate you should know that your debate begins very strongly. If you are writing something emotionally then your topic must be started with it also. The main motive of a debate is to make the readers entertained while reading it.
  • Step2- Define your topic:  The second step in debate writing is the definition. One should define a debate topic sincerely so that it is clear to the readers. It will help to gain knowledge among readers.
  • Step3- Positiveness:  It is an important part of debate writing.  One should present debate in a positive way so that it reflects positivity among the readers.
  • Step4- Arguments: The fourth and most important step of a debate writing is the argumentation. The first thing you must remember while arguing that on which thing you are arguing on. The second thing for the arguments is to prepare assignment writing for it. The third thing is the examples and the fourth one is the strategies to make it perfect.
  • Step5- Result: It is the last step of debate writing. It involves the end result of the whole debate topic that you have written.

All the above topics help you write a perfect dissertation topic.

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