Argumentative Essay Topics

What is an Argumentative Essay?

It is a kind of essay writing that shows the arguments of both parties on a particular topic. It can also show the two parties equally or it can present one party more powerful than the other one. Writing an argumentative essay is an important task it follows the writer’s view of writing it. Most of the argumentative essay topics follow a format as given below:

  • Introduction:  An introduction should be written in a manner to grab the attention of the readers. It also includes a thesis statement and a background full of information.
  • Body of an essay:  The body of an essay includes several paragraphs of a specific argument. It includes a minimum of three paragraphs having specific details about your argument.
  • Counter-Statement:  It is an argument disapprove of the above arguments and makes the actual length heavy.
  • End Result:  It is the overall result of your argument. It includes the statement of the thesis, important points of your argument, it makes the readers attentive and overall remarks on it.

This a short format of informative speech topics.


How to Choose an Argumentative Essay Topic for Discussion?

Most of the times you get the topic from your teachers for an argumentative essay topic discussion. It would be better if you choose a topic on your own. While working on it you should collect all the information and resources to prove your skills on a particular issue. Some of the sources used for this essay are mentioned below:

  • Exemplary
  • Exercise Book
  • Presentations
  • Scientific Journals
  • Learned Journal
  • Reports

If think you can write a topic easily still you should use these sources for your argumentative essay. It will help you to make your topic easy and help you to collect accurate information on your topic. Some quotations are also needed to write a persuasive essay topic. It can be used directly or indirectly.


Types of Argumentative Essay Topics:

There are a lot of essay topics for an argumentative type. A list of these topics is given below:

  • Uncomplicated Topics:  These are very easy topics. They are very easy to write or argument on it. Some of these are given below:
  • Studies should be free of cost for every person.
  • Usage of the internet should be limited among the students.
  • Every student must have a right to choose the discipline that they want to choose.
  • Merits and Demerits of the MBA program.
  • Do the Academic ranks help in the development of student’s performance.
  • Sports Topics:  These topics are concerned with sports. Some of these are mentioned below:
  • What should be done to continue the same weight among adolescents?
  • Is Physical Education important in schooling?
  • The top resistant data of sports.
  • Topics for Middle Schools:  These are the most common argumentative essay topics used in schools. Some of these topics are mentioned below:
  • What are the factors that interlink the food with health and weight?
  • Disadvantages of a Diet.
  • Is swimming the best sport?
  • Relationship between Hockey and Other risky sports.
  • To deal with health problems is it important for people to sleep well?
  • Drug takers must be banned from the sports teams?
  • College Topics:  These types of argumentative topics are used in colleges. Some of these are mentioned below:
  • Is the manufacturing and selling of tobacco be illegal?
  • Smoking must be stopped in public places.
  • Usage of alcohol should be managed.
  • What is the age acceptable for voting?
  • Alcohol should not be sellout after 11 P.M.
  • Is there any justice for all the people?


  • Classical Topics: These topics are related to classical things. A shortlist of these topics is given below:
  • What is an earthquake?
  • What is the effect of an earthquake?
  • Is the Tsunami a death sign?
  • Are vehicles running on electricity a solution for global pollution?
  • Effect of dynamic changes climatic conditions in the United States.
  • Controversial Topics:  These argumentative topics are controversial. Some of these topics are mentioned below:
  • Current policies of schools should be changed.
  • Are the people having physical disabilities accepted by the government?
  • Is there someone more important than law?
  • Same-sex marriages should be banned by the government.
  • Being a politician is an art or a talent.
  • Technological:  These are some topics related to the arguments on technology. Some of these topics are given below:
  • Is technology make anyone feel by oneself?
  • Technology VS Education.
  • The need for checking and fixing the comments on youtube having bad language.
  • Is there any chance in the future when humans have no technology in there life.
  • Social Media Topics:  These are the top that us about the social life of people through different social networking sites. Some of these topics are mentioned below:
  • Is the imagination is restricted by technology?
  • Importance of communication in social sites.
  • Friends made on social sites are better than the imaginary one.
  • The restrictiveness of social sites is important or not?

All the above topics will help you to write an excellent persuasive speech topic.


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