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Research Topics in Accounting


What is a Research Topic in Accounting? Accounting research topics refers to the most important accounting researches. While writing the academics papers or assignments students must face some barriers. Some of these barriers can be easily solved but some needs a lot of time and attention. It is familiar that…

Literature Review


What is a Literature Review? A literature review is a view that communicates the printed data of a specific topic or field, and periodically data of a specific field within a definite period of time. It is an important part of academic writing. A literature review can be an easy…

Essay Topics


What is an essay?  An essay is a kind of writing which gives the writer an argument of there own. It overlaps with an article, a paper and a kind of short story. They are mostly used to observe daily life, to recollect something and many more. An essay can…

Research Topics in Nursing


What is a Research Topic in Nursing? A nursing research topic refers to the most famous nursing researches. While learning the nursing process one should choose a topic that leads to the major objectives, morals, record and other different ideas. The key point of the nursing research is the using…

Pestle Analysis Example


What is Pestle Analysis? A pestle analysis is a planned occupational instrument used by the institutions. It helps in discovering, evaluating, organizing and tracking the facts of macroeconomic which can affect the business organization in present or in future. This analysis examines the chances and warnings on the basis of…

Research Topics in Education


What is Research? Research refers to a sincere analysis of research for a specific topic. It uses different scientific methods to solve the problems. It is a systematic way of describing and controlling the specific problem. It is an important part of research paper writing. Research helps to detail a…

How to Write a Report


What is a Report? A report is a kind of document that shows all the details or information in an ordered manner for a specific topic. Most of the times the summary of a report is given orally but a proper report is always written for a specific topic. It…

Dissertation Topics


What is a Dissertation? A dissertation is a document written for a candidate for having an academic degree or professional degree in presenting the author's researches. It is applied to a doctors degree. The research of a dissertation is based on its quality. It can be different in other countries,…

What is a Research Design


What is a Research Design? The research design refers to a structure of skills and procedures chosen by a person who is writing it. It helps in combining different components of research in a way to handle research efficiently. It includes how to conduct research on a specific topic. Design…

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation


What is a Letter of Recommendation? A letter of recommendation is a type of a document that classifies the features and ability approve on which a person’s capability to do a specific task or function put forward. It is also known as a letter of reference or reference. These types…

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