Unimelb SWEN30006 Software Modelling and Design Assignment Answer

These are the assignment answers of Unimelb SWEN30006 Software Modelling and Design.

The techniques in this class will help you work with teams to produce the best solution possible.

You’ll learn how to build a dynamic model that matches your team’s problem-solving process and helps them deliver their project on time, within budget, while minimizing risks along the way.

This course teaches students knowledge and skills needed for these tasks: developing static models of both aspects of space – as well as creating dynamic models dependant upon an Agile approach appropriate for object-oriented development.

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Assignment Solutions Of Unimelb SWEN30006 Software Modelling and Design

This course is challenging, but it will be worth all the effort. I get to work with a group on an important project for class and write my own executive summary of our company’s proposal by myself!

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Assignment Activity 1. Apply their knowledge of modelling and design to solve computing problems

Modelling and design skills can be used to develop algorithms that solve many different computing problems.

Algorithms are made for particular tasks. For example, one algorithm might be intended for image segmentation.

Another algorithm might be intended to detect breast cancer. It is important that all of the information is processed correctly in these algorithms so that they work well and do not have errors.

Assignment Activity 2. Work as an Individual and in a Team, with effective communication for software engineering tasks

If you want to succeed in software engineering projects, make sure that you communicate.

Without communication, teams and individuals will fail because managers need to know the progress of the project and goals are achieved by staying in contact with teammates. Collaboration is also important for getting results.

Effective communication requires good writing skills, time invested into cutting down white space or jargon words that could be misunderstood by other team members when reviewing reports.

The phrases to use when working on a team are “This means … or this might result in ..” and “I have not yet considered…” These phrases show that you are unsure about something.

This shows empathy for people who don’t understand things.

Effective language should also take into account that women and men often communicate differently.

The easiest ways to get information across when communicating with each other are email, meetings and presentations.

Email is the most effective way to deliver a large amount of information quickly but it needs context and a sense of urgency in order for others to pay attention.

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Assignment Activity 3. Evaluate and apply appropriate choices of software tools in the modelling and design process

The process should evaluate different software tools for their capabilities and limitations in the modelling and design process.

Modelling requirements can be assessed by using scaling of the final product, speed considerations, conformity to legislative standards, or user-generated designs captured through drawings.

Architectural requirements often have a focus on mechanical engineering aspects for figuring out tall buildings. One common factor is how wide the construction site is.

You need to know the height of the construction site, and if it’s wide enough to put all of your building materials in it. The answer will differ depending on which software you use to make building models – CAD or Pro E.

Design decisions are another point to be considered because aesthetics results from an equilibrium between utility and expediency.

Assignment Activity 4. Engage in Life-long Learning with respect to the evolution of software processes

Software Process

To be a long-term successful software professional, not only do you need to learn how to program and system design at the time you enter your first job, but you also need to keep learning how your field is changing or evolving.

With respect to the evolution of software processes here are seven specific suggestions:

1) Change roles on a periodic basis (i.e., code, test, project lead…) so that no one person can become too outdated in his/her approach.

2) Stay in touch with what’s going on outside the company by reading trade magazines like IEEE Software Magazine and Systems Practice magazine.

Company newsletters often go into detail on recent events affecting the industry as well including speeches from thought leaders or speeches by speakers at industry conferences.

3) On a personal basis, take every opportunity to develop and maintain contacts with other technology professionals in academia, venture capital firms, high-tech companies (e.g., Oracle) and among consulting firm clients.

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