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UNCC100: Self and Community Assessment Answer Nursing – Catholic Social Thought

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetIf you are pursuing a nursing course then you must have been asked to prepare and write  UNCC100: Nursing – Catholic Social Thought – Self and Community Assessment Answer.

It is among the most important assignments given to the nursing student as it is defined as the collection of all teachings, principles, and participation that are provided by the Catholic Church, which relates to problems of social justice.

The reason for this teaching is to gospel light on most of the problems faced by human society. There are many principles of Catholicism, among which the main principles are common good and common feeling, human dignity, and universal purpose of goods and subsidiary of goods.

One important proposition in Christianity is Peace. It can be said that Christians and Catholics prefer the treatment of the poor because they have specialized in granting the need of the needy and poor.

If a student does not have proper knowledge about this subject preparing the assessment could be a very difficult task for him or her. Taking help from an experienced professional can be a better option.

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Learning Outcomes for uncc100 self and community Students!

After completing the assessment you will be able to explain the principles of Catholic Social Thought and with the personal experience of coherently writing the assessment, you can explain the concept of how “Self” and “Community” are linked.

After analyzing and evaluating the principles of CST in an argument you may address the problems relating to the dignity of the human person in your professional practice in your future.

Types of Questions asked in this UNCC100 coursework            

Approaches towards answering the  assessment Questions

The different approaches for answering the UNCC100 assessment Questions are:

The dignity of a human person

Every human has a definite amount of dignity in them.  According to this principle, humans have the ability to empathize with another person, have self-knowledge and self-possession.

Thus human dignity is very important in living peacefully. Hence bringing forward the importance of “Self” in the “Community” and how they both interrelate.

introduction to the catholic social teaching

Human beings are getting egoistical every day as they are forgetting the idea of fraternity. Rather than thinking about what is good for the community, humans concentrate on what’s good for them.

Social Justice Principle

This principle plays a very important role in showing the social nature of human life. By making all members equally important without despising anyone this principle talks about equality and equity to every member of the public. You can achieve good grades by including the principles in your UNCC100 answers to assessment questions.

Work and Workers

According to this principle, work holds some importance in society according to god’s creation. An individual employee cannot complete a task without his co-worker’s help in their workplace.  To have a peaceful working community every employee must work in harmony. You can include these principles in answers to the UNCC100 assessment.

Preferential Options for Poor

This principle is a basic test to see how society is reading the situation of the most vulnerable.
These are basic approaches on how to answer the questions asked in UNCC100 Assessments. We understand that completing so many assignments on your own under the pressure of a deadline is very tough for a student but with the help of our Assignment expert team, you can get this assessment done in the promised time.

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