Transformational Leadership in Nursing Essay

Transformational Leadership in Nursing Essay

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Transformational Leadership in Nursing Essay

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In the present scenario, leaders in the healthcare setting are facing the number of challenges in meeting the expectation and adapting to change. Transformational leadership is a management style. Leaders in nursing using a transformational leadership style with the motive of transforming complete team performance into a higher level of practice.

Meaning of transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is a management style which positively influences workers for taking ownership of their role. The leader with a  specific leadership style encourages employees to work beyond expectations. In the context of nursing, instead of simply assigning a task, such a leader encourages people to think critically rather than just doing their work which has been assigned.

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Leaders with a transformational leadership style are inspirational. They positively influence people to find suitable ways of accomplishing objectives. These leaders have the potential to mobilize people into groups of people who can get work done easily. Leaders with specific leadership style increase morale and motivational level of the group by developing excellent rapport. These people lead by example and potential to resolve conflicts.

The speciality of Transformational nursing leaders

Transformational leaders are unique from other leaders. Their main focus is always on motivating people to do something unique. In the context of nursing, transformational leadership specializes in the following:
• They work for bringing change in the business system.
• Transformational leaders in nursing field solve issues by finding experiences which demonstrate that existing or traditional pattern does not suit or work.
• They always search for things which require changes.
• Transformational leaders mainly concentrate on increasing the capability of their team.

Transformational leadership and its evolution in nursing

The first leadership theory was proposed by James MacGregor a burn who is a political scientist. He introduced transformational leadership theory during the year 1978. James was highly impressed by leadership style which was used by key figures in history such as Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy etc.

According to James transformational leadership take place when two or more people engage with each other in such a manner that both motivate each other. Such leadership is completely unique from other leadership theories. It states that leaders need to fulfil the requirement of their followers. According to the theory, fulfilling the needs of followers is very much essential for accomplishing high work performance.

Characteristics of a transformational leader in nursing

Transformational leadership is completely different from other leadership styles. Few characteristics of it  are:

• It is a model of integrity and fairness.
• Transformational leaders have clear objectives.
• They have a high level of expectations.
• Motivates other
• Provide support to followers.
• Recognize performance of followers.

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How transformational nursing leader benefit company?

Managers those who utilize transformational leadership style principles develop an environment at the workplace where workers are highly committed to their company. Followers of transformational leaders have a high level of motivation, satisfaction and good performance.

In the context of nursing, leaders those who adopt transformational leadership style observe an increase in the level of employees’ satisfaction, which in turn may have a significant influence on reducing the rate of patient care errors. Transformational leadership style is related to employee retention. People those who work under the supervision of transformational leaders always work for benefit of their organization. Employees working under the guidance of such leaders always make sure that their company is successful.

Advantages and disadvantages of transformation leadership

All types of leadership styles have certain advantages and disadvantages. Few advantages of transformation leadership style in nursing are:

•Transformational leaders communicate good ideas which can be utilized for improving the quality of healthcare services.
•These people are good at maintaining a balance between short and long term goals. Therefore, they can make a valuable contribution to the accomplishment of business objectives.
•They establish mutual trust which can be useful for maintaining a peaceful environment.
• Such type of leader has high emotional intelligence which can be helpful in relation to resolving workplace conflicts.

Disadvantages of transformational leadership

•In the context of nursing, transformational leadership is that it is effective at the time of the complex situation.
• It requires an existing structure so that further growth could take place.
• This leadership style is not at all suitable for bureaucratic structures.

Note: In this essay you can also include critical evaluation of transformational leadership . Students can also include transformational leadership examples.


The conclusion drawn from above is that transformational leadership has a positive and significant influence on the safety performance of nurses. Another thing which has been concluded from above is that such leaders can have a significant effect on business structure and also on the motivational level of workers.

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