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TAFE Assessment Cover SheetIn this sample, our nursing assignment helper is providing students with examples of writing essays on therapeutic communication in nursing practice. Sample of therapeutic communication essay consists of 3 parts are an introduction, main body, and conclusion.


Therapeutic communication is a procedure that people conduct for improving other person understanding of the message they are sending through verbal and non-verbal communication. Such types of communication include the utilization of a detailed approach which positively influences an individual for demonstrating ideas and feelings. Therapeutic communication in nursing is basically a practice that helps in delivering adequate care to patients. It assists nurses in demonstrating empathy and understanding about the information shared by patients. In this reflective paper, I will reflect on my skills to use therapeutic communication abilities. It will assist me in addressing and developing an understanding of the significance of therapeutic communication throughout nursing practice.

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I will also reflect on the utilization of my 3 communication skills which I have used during the mock interviews during my tutorial class. The skills include effective listening, the ability to maintain eye contact, and attending. I am writing reflection as it will assist me in analyzing my own strengths and weakness on which I need to work on for becoming an effective nurse.

Eye contact is basically an important part of therapeutic communication. Maintaining eye contact is essential as it demonstrates confidence, interest, and attentiveness. According to few authors maintaining eye contact helps in creating a rapport. It is basically the first part of language which a person will notice.

Main body

The technique of reciprocating eye contact is a way to establish rapport with an individual and make them feel at ease. I found this out during my mock interview when utilizing the technique, where after people felt more trusting in what they were saying because you had their attention. This was not enough for me though-I need the Australia assignment helper‘s expertise!

Active listening includes the use of all senses. It helps in demonstrating that we have developed a complete understanding of the message which we are receiving or delivering. A good communicator acquires skills in both receiving and sending messages. A person who is truly listening will have a complete understanding of the message they receive and also deliver. For asserting that you are listening to a message you need to mentally prepare yourself. You need to develop effective communication skills. At the same time, you need to have the desire of hearing what is being communicated.

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As I reflect upon the interview procedure, I realize that my listening skills might get affected because of the surrounding distraction of surrounding noise from other interviews.

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Attending is to attend at that moment. The 5 detailed ways in which we can make sure we are attending are SOLER which indicates the following S- sit squarely, o- open position, L lean slightly, E- eye contact, R- relax.  At the time of using acronyms during communication, you should consider the cultural aspects of the person with whom you are interacting. It is therapeutic communication that helps in developing a strong relationship between nurses and patients. Lack of effective therapeutic communication can give rise to a number of problems.


By utilizing the reflection procedure I have been capable of analyzing my own strengths and weakness. I have gained knowledge about different communication skills. It has been concluded from the above that therapeutic communication is completely different from standard communication. Another fact which has been found is that by including empathy in messages which is sent and receive we can deliver quality patient care. Therapeutic communication helps in providing comfort, understanding, and respect to patients.

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