SWSP2033/6033 Social Work Theory and Practice Community Health Centre Services Assessment Answer

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Learning outcomes SWSP2033/6033: Social Work Theory and Practice

  • Students will be able to explore the critical and anti-oppressive theory to direct practice with individuals and families.
  • The complexity of working with individual and families issues can be linked with current social, cultural, and political conditions
  • To work in an anti-oppressive, strength-based/solution-focused manner, a critical analysis of understanding ethical challenges relating to culture, gender, and power and strategies could be demonstrated by the students.

Approach to writing SWSP2033/6033: Social Work Theory and Practice:

You are working as a social worker at the Child, Adolescent, and family health service in a large regional center. It is basically a task you need to complete in your Social Work Theory and Practice coursework.

Example of writing the SWSP2033/6033:  Community Health Centre Services Assessment

A large geographic area that includes, along with Ruralville (population of 60,000) several outlying farming areas are provided services by your community health center. The effects of several years of drought are being experienced by your community. The local economy along with the well-being of the overall township is affected by the drought.
The community got attract from large metropolitan areas who are seeking a “tree change” along with affordable accommodation.

And it has formed some tension among the newer arrivals and the local or more established community members. Few of the local members are thinking that the newer arrivals are ‘dole bludgers’ and they are ‘bringing the town down’

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There are the second and third generations of Italian and Greek community members who settled in the 1950s establishing market gardens.   After receiving a referral from the Home School Liaison officer (HSLO), you have received a call from the local Child Well- Being unit. They have to worry about two children a girl named Anna, age 8 in year 2, and a boy Tom, age 7 in year 1.
The parents’ names are Mary,26years old mother, and George 27years old father. Mary identifies herself as aboriginal and is originally from Queensland, George is of Greek Heritage.

To follow a large construction job they moved to Melbourne.  George is not working but has subsequent experience in labor and manual factory jobs. The family moved into local rented public housing.
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