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Social Determinants of Indigenous Health Essay

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Bringing enhancement in the health condition and well-being of the indigenous population has become an issue of major concern. In the context of Australia, there has been great inequality between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians which is noted by the world health organization.

Different factors such as cultural, social, historical, and political variables have influenced the healthcare of indigenous people in Australia.

The social determinant of health is basically an economic situation in specific regions that are indirectly affecting the health of people in that particular region. The social determinants of Indigenous health are multifold and are interrelated in their cause and effect.

In this essay, we will mainly have a focus on discussing the health issues of indigenous people. There will also be a discussion on problems that indigenous Australians are experiencing within the present health care system.

In the essay, we will also emphasize the influence of social determinants of health such as socioeconomic status, early life, and psychological distress on Aboriginal Torres Strait and Islander people.

Main Body

Who are indigenous people?

Indigenous people are basically tribes, ethnic groups, aboriginals who are part of the nation. Indigenous people differ from other citizens in that they symbolize a vast diversity of convictions, philosophies, and customs.

Social determinants of Indigenous health

Several factors in the environment can influence individual health. Health’s social determinants are those variables which can have both positive and negative influence on the well-being of people and communities. Few social determinants of indigenous social health are Housing, education, employment, and income.

Importance of social determinant of health

Several health drivers are found outside the healthcare system such as the environment where people live, play, and work. These factors shape their opportunities for improving their health.

The different social determinants of health are housing, employment, poverty, income, distribution of resources and power, etc. All these factors can negatively influence physical and mental health in different ways such as a rise in the risk of infectious disease, smoking, use of alcohol, etc.

Access to healthcare is an important social determinant of health. Social and economic inequalities lead to differences in the social determinants of health between population groups, which in turn lead to health inequalities. It is the social determinant in Australia which has significantly influenced the health and well-being of Aboriginal Torres Strait and Islander people in Australia. These people are residing in remote areas.

They are facing many issues about determinants such as poor housing conditions, ear, and eye infections, mental ill-health, etc.

The main cause of such health issues is overcrowded households. There is a high rate of incarceration which has to undermine Aboriginal Torres Strait and Islander people in Australia. Processes of colonization have disempowered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and have lead to inequalities.

Indigenous health gap

There is a great improvement in national indigenous health policy like the assimilation of indigenous allied health Australia. But still, indigenous people in Australia have access to poorer health care services as compared to non- indigenous Australians.

Causes of gap

According to the survey, it is due to behavioral aspects because of which indigenous Torres Strait and Islander people in Australia are having poor health.  The main cause of the health gap is the failure of addressing the root causes. Other aspects that have widened the gap include:

Behavioral risk factors

Some behavior risk factors include:

  • Obesity
  • Smoking habit
  • Low consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Violence

All of the above factors have widened the gap significantly. These unsafe behaviors have to lead to social disadvantages.

Access to health services

The main reason for the health gap is poor access to valuable health services. Few reasons that hinder indigenous Australians from having access to health care include distance and lack of transportation.

Another important reason is the lack of inexpensive services among others. Indigenous health issues can also be linked to the fact that children born into these families usually reside in remote places where governments do not invest in providing social services.

Closing the gap by addressing social determinants of health

The government of Australia after addressing the social determinants influencing the health of ATSI people has implemented the closing of the gap strategy.

They have implemented the strategy for allowing Aboriginal Torres and Islander people to have access to education, employment, and health care facilities.


From the above essay on social determinants of indigenous health, it has been concluded that improper behavior aspects have a negative effect on ATSI people’s health. Another factor that has been found is that the main cause of poor health of indigenous people is the failure of the government to address the social determinants which have caused the inequalities in access to health services.

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