SITXINV004 Control Stock Assignment Assessment Answer

Course Name	Cert IV in Commercial Cookery
Unit(s) of competency
Assessment Details
Term and Year	Term 2 - 2020
Assessment No	3


This checklist is to be completed prior to commencing the assessment.

Please discuss this with the learner and circle yes or no for each question.

Is the learner ready for the assessment?☐Yes ☐ No
Have you explained the assessment process and tasks?☐ Yes ☐No
Does the learner understand which evidence is to be collected and how?☐ Yes ☐No
Have the learner’s rights and the appeal system been fully explained?☐ Yes ☐No
Have you discussed any special needs or reasonable adjustments to be considered during the assessment?☐ Yes ☐No
Does the learner have access to all required resources?☐ Yes ☐No


Assessment ToolRole Play (Practical Application)
To demonstrate satisfactory completion of this Assessment Task the learner must:Satisfactory


Not Satisfactory


In this assessment task, learners are required to demonstrate a role-play according to the business scenarios provided in line with requirements set out in the assessment.
All Performance and Knowledge marking criteria must be met
Overall Assessment Task PerformanceSatisfactory


Not Satisfactory


Assessment Task 2: Role Play
Resources required for this Assessment Task
Trainers and Assessors are required to ensure all learners have access to:

§ Computers and databases that manage customer profiles and promotional activities

§ Organisational policies, procedures, and templates relating to:

§ Customer service standards

§ Designated response times

§ Presentation standards

§ Procedures for dealing with customer complaints

§ Customer surveys and feedback collection

§ Recording and reporting customer feedback

§ Internal and external customers with different cultural backgrounds and special service needs with whom the individual can interact; these can be:

§ Customers in an industry workplace during the assessment process; or

§ Individuals who participate in role plays or simulated activities, set up for the purpose of assessment, in a simulated industry environment operated within a training organization

Instructions for Trainer and Assessors
This assessment task has to be conducted as per the Assessment Conditions:
In classIn an Industry WorkplaceIn a Simulated Industry Environment
Instructions for the assessment
§ Attendance must be recorded in the Attendance Spreadsheet

§ The assessment is to be completed according to the Assessment task instructions

Assessment Task Duration
Trainer discretion
Learner Evidence Submission Requirements
§ The completed and signed Observation Checklist

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The learner is to complete each of the below following basic Business Customer Service interactions/transaction situations in a simulated or actual Business Service environment if available.

The Trainer is to assess the learner’s performance using the mapped, valid and current Customer Service Assessment Checklist provided.

The following essential skills, knowledge, and Critical Aspects of Assessment must be demonstrated and by the learner.

  • Knowledge of techniques for solving complaints
  • Develop, procure and use resources effectively to provide quality products and/or services to customers
  • Demonstrated techniques in solving complex customer complaints and system problems that lead to poor customer service
  • Make decisions to overcome problems and to adapt customer services, products, and/or service delivery in consultation with appropriate individuals and groups
  • Manage records, reports, and recommendations within an organization’s systems and processes
  • Problem Solving

Demonstration/Role Play must ensure the participant demonstrates the following:

  • Work activities that allow interaction with multiple and diverse customer types to allow the learner to respond to a range of requirements and customer needs
  • Ability to provide a total quality service experience knowledge of different customer preferences and ways to meet both stated and unstated requirements
  • Realistic Customer service situations
  • techniques for solving complaints including the principles and techniques involved in the management and organization of:
  1. Customer behavior
  2. Customer needs research
  • Customer relations
  1. Ongoing product and/or service quality
  2. Problem identification and resolution
  3. Quality customer service delivery
  • Record keeping and management methods
  • Strategies for monitoring, managing and introducing ways to improve customer service relationships
  1. Strategies to obtain customer feedback
Business Scenario examples for Role Play/Demonstration Assessment by the learner include, but are not limited to the following:
  1. A customer enquires/wishes to purchase or experience your company’s products and services
  1. A Customer Is Confused About What He or She Wants or Needs
  1. When a Customer Makes a Racist Remark
  1. When a Customer Asks to Be Served Ahead of Other Waiting Customers
  1. When a Customer Has a Negative Attitude About Your Company Due to Past Experiences
  1. When a Customer Is Experiencing a Language Barrier
  1. When the Customer Insults Your Competence
  1. When You Don’t Have the Answer
  1. When You Need to Clarify Commitments
  1. The Customer is agitated
  1. The Customer has defective merchandise
  1. You receive a Complaint about Rude Employees
  1. A customer feels you have ‘ripped’ them off

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Prepare and deliver presentations related to occupation or area of interest which demonstrate the use of:
Identify customer requirements and provide professional and personalized customer service experiences to two different internal and two different external customers to meet requirements


Demonstrate procedures to respond to and resolve three different customer complaints according to organizational policies and procedures
Demonstrate effective communication with the above internal and external customers, including any with special needs
Seek formal and informal feedback from customers on quality of above service
Provide above service to above customers in line with organizational customer service standards and within designated organizational response times
To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:
Principles and benefits of enhanced customer service experiences and positive communication
Techniques to anticipate customer preferences, needs, and expectations throughout the service experience
Conflict resolution techniques

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