SITXHRM003 Lead And Manage People Assessment Answer

roles of and functions performed by supervisors and managers:

  • decision making
  • delegating tasks
  • monitoring staff
  • planning and organizing
  • providing information:
    • organization performance
    • changes in organisational policies
    • marketing information and targets
    • overall organisational objectives
    • plans for new equipment
    • rationale for management decisions
    • technology updates
    • training developments
  • expectations, roles and responsibilities of team members:
    • adhering to policies and procedures
    • cooperative and open communication
    • nature and scope of work
    • relationships with others in the workplace and interdependent areas of activity
    • reporting requirements
  • considerations in the individual development of staff:
    • change in job responsibilities
    • external training and professional development
    • formal promotion
    • internal training and professional development
    • opportunity for greater autonomy or responsibility
  • features of different leadership styles
  • features of open and supportive communication
  • characteristics of effective leadership
  • principles of teamwork and:
    • characteristics of effective teams
    • roles and attributes of team members
    • organisation of teams
    • potential team problems
    • benefits of effective teamwork
  • role and theories of motivation as they apply to the management of individuals and teams
  • the role of group dynamics in successful team management
  • forms of recognition and reward applicable to leading staff:
    • acknowledging individual good performance to the whole team
    • incentive initiatives
    • informal acknowledgement
    • presenting awards
    • written reports to management
  • types of organisational plans and planning processes.

Instructions for assessment including WHS requirements

The assessment task for this project consists of 2 parts, Part A and Part B.

For Part A

Based on the scenario given, you are required to demonstrate your ability to:

  1. Set and measure KPIs.
  2. Use new or innovative approaches to meet the KPIs.
  3. Define constraints to meeting KPIs.
  4. Know what to do if KPIs are not met.
  5. Use appropriate methods of communication.

For Part B

you are required to establish a set of evaluation criteria to monitor and evaluate the performance of staff. The following points need to be developed for Part B:

  1. Set job responsibilities and tasks
  2. Relate job responsibilities to specific performance indicators
  3. Employee feedback collection
  4. Professional development opportunities
  5. Bonus and reward systems
  6. Provide employees with feedback
  7. Delegating tasks

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