SITXFSA002 Participate In Safe Food Handling Practices Assessment Answer

Assessment Requirements

  •  Demonstrate use of safe food handling practices in food handling work functions on at least three occasions
  • Demonstrate the correct methods of controlling food hazards at each of the following critical control points:
  •  receiving
  • storing
  • preparing
  • processing
  • displaying and/or serving
  • packaging
  • transporting
  • disposing.

Knowledge Evidence
Demonstrated knowledge required to complete the tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit:
Key features of commonwealth, state or territory and local food safety compliance requirements as they impact workers at an operational level:

  • contents of national codes and standards that underpin regulatory requirements
  • reasons for food safety programs and what they must contain
    local government food safety regulations and inspection regimes
  • consequences of failure to observe food safety policies and procedures
    meaning of contaminant, contamination and potentially hazardous foods as
  • defined by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code
  •  Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) or other food safety system principles, procedures and processes as they apply to particular operations and different food types:
  •  critical control points for the specific food production system and the predetermined methods of control, especially time and temperature controls used in the receiving, storing, preparing, processing, displaying, serving, packaging, transporting and disposing of food
  •  main types of safety hazards and contamination
  • conditions for development of microbiological contamination
  • environmental conditions and, temperature controls, for storage
  • temperature danger zone and the two-hour and four-hour rule
  •  Contents of organisational food safety program, especially procedures, associated requirements, and monitoring documents
  •  Food safety monitoring techniques:
  •  bacterial swabs and counts
  •  checking and recording that food is stored in appropriate timeframes
  •  chemical tests
  • monitoring and recording food temperatures using a temperature measuring device accurate to plus or minus one degree Celsius
  •  monitoring and recording temperature of cold and hot storage equipment
  •  visually examining food for quality review

 Methods to ensure the safety of food served and sold to customers:

packaging control

  • using packaging materials suited to foods
  • monitoring of packaging damage
  •  protective barriers
  •  temperature control
  •  supervision of food displays
  •  utensil control
  •  providing separate serving utensils for each dish

    Safe food handling practices for the following different food types:

  •  dairy
  •  dried goods
  • eggs
  •  frozen goods
  •  fruit and vegetables
  •  meat and fish
    Equipment operating procedures, especially how to calibrate, use and clean a temperature probe and how to identify faults
     Choice and application of cleaning, sanitising and pest control equipment and materials
    Cleaning, sanitising and maintenance requirements relevant to food preparation and storage:
  •  cleaning:
  • dirt
  • food waste
  •  grease
  •  pest waste removal
  • sanctioning:
  •  eating and drinking utensils

food contact surfaces

▪ re calibrating measurement and temperature controls
▪ minor faults
 High risk customer groups:

  •  children or babies
  •  pregnant women
  •  aged persons
  •  people with immune deficiencies or allergies
  •  unwell persons.

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