SITXCOM005 Manage conflict Assessment Answer

Assessment 1 – Questioning

Below fundamentals must be demonstrated when completing case studies to achieve a satisfactory result:
1. Identify conflict situations.
2. Resolve conflict.
3. Evaluate conflicts and resolutions.

Written Questions
1. Discuss what is meant by the term Conflict
Describe three main types of Conflict in the workplace with an example.
Type of Conflict: Example:

2. List and explain seven (7) major causes of conflict and give an example of each.
Cause of Conflict Example

3. List six (6) Body Language signals that can assist us in identifying potential conflict situations

Explain why just relying on Body Language signals is not sufficient in determining a potential conflict

4. Give four examples of how a person’s speech can indicate potential or actual conflict.

5. List and explain the five (5) stages of conflict.
Stage of Conflict:

Explanation:what factors could cause the conflict to escalate.

6. List and explain the 4 possible outcomes to a conflict
Possible outcome to conflict:

Explanation: Which of the outcomes is the most preferred and why.

7. Describe how you would apply the following interpersonal skills/techniques when attempting to resolve a conflict situation:
• Assertiveness
• Negotiation
• Use of appropriate communication

8. Under what circumstances do we need to complete an Incident Report
What information does such a report need to contain:

9.List 6 different types of colleagues/support services you can approach to assist you in managing a conflict situation.

10. Describe how your establishment (or a nominated business of your choice) deals with customer complaints.
Analise and explain if the procedure or process is effective

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