SITHKOP004 Develop Menus For Special Dietary Requirements Assessment Answer

Assignment Detail:-


Project Part A

For this assessment, you must develop the following menus or meal plans:

Meal plans

Vegetarian- Suitable for teenagers

Halal- Suitable for a Coeliac

Kosher- Suitable for a person with heart problems


A one week cyclic menu for aged care residents who are in a very high risk category for heart problems

The menu must also comprise a balanced range of menu items across the week-


  • List the dietary requirements of each of the customer groups above and the consequences of non-compliance by using the template provided in this guide
  • Select a variety of foods and meals that would suit the specific requirements and also balances macro & micro nutrient requirements of each customer group so as to promote good health and reduce the incidence of diet related health problems
  • Make sure you incorporate sufficient choice of dishes into the menus
  • Recommend food preparation and cooking methods to maximize the nutritional value of the food
  • You can liaise with other professionals -Your Assessor- to identify and confirm customer requirements
  • Each menu must be presented to industry standard in a word document and should use current industry trends in menu design

Part – B

After you have developed the menus and meal plans, you are to calculate the costings for each menu or meal plan according to realistic ingredient prices, portion sizes and ingredient yields appropriate to the different customer groups

  • Ensure you include all expenditure items such as labor, wastage and overheads when determining production costs of menu items
  • Ensure you calculate portion yields and costs from raw ingredients for each menu item
    1. Assess and comment on the cost-effectiveness of each proposed dishes and choose products that provide high yield
    2. All dishes must fall below 30% food cost percentage

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