SITHCCC012 Prepare Poultry Dishes: Assessment 1 Answer

Assessment Tasks and Instructions 

Unit(s) of Competency and Code(s)SITHCCC012 Prepare poultry dishes
Assessment for this Unit of Competency/ClusterDetails
Assessment 1Assignment
Assessment 2Practical Observation

Assessment 1

Your task:

You are required to complete all questions and tasks for this assignment. All tasks and exercises are based on the theory content and recipes contained in your workbook/ online unit.

The information you provide in this assignment may be followed-up with questions from your trainer before the final practical assessment. It is therefore essential that you have sufficient knowledge to explain and substantiate all information you provide in this paper.

You arrive at work to start your shift. List 5 methods you could use to identify the mise en place and preparation requirements for your shift:

Methods to identify mise en place and preparation requirements
Mise en place acts as a major task in the professional kitchen by planning a to-do list before preparing the final dish (Murali & Arun, 2017). It would rather provide the checklist of the ingredients that have to be used, containers required, tools to be used, and the preparation time.

  1. To prepare a dish, the entire recipe and the ingredients have to be in mind while following each and every step properly.
  2. Workplace needs to be filled with space by preparing sanitation buckets, workstations, and remove unnecessary items by disposing of them.
  3. Prepare the utensils that will be required in the preparation like heating up the ovens and pans with oil and check if all the equipment is clean before using.
  4. All the ingredients need to be in proper measurements and are kept in different utensils.
  5. Before cooking, all the items are going to be prepared by washing, cutting them into pieces, and putting them into preparation cups and bowls.

List 6 quality points of poultry.  

          Quality points
There are two types of poultry products found in the market they are frozen and fresh one from which the quality has to be ensured (Rodionova & Paliy, 2017).

  1. In the case of fresh poultry, the flesh will be intact, no cuts and no blood patches will remain on the body with no broken bones.
  2. The poultry needs to have plumping breasts with flexible bones along with moist and delicate colored flesh.
  3. The most important quality point is the fresh smell with no use of thawing products.
  4. In frozen poultry, the product will be in a well-packaged condition with no use of thawing product.
  5. The product will be in the condition of no ice build-up and no freezer burn.
  6. Frozen poultry’s thaw product has to follow the fresh product’s quality points.

List four “game birds” and list the general cooking requirements for each:

         Game birdsCooking Requirements
  1. Goose
  2. Pigeon
  3. Wild duck
  4. Quail
  1. It is roasted under 165 degrees and taken along with fruit-based sauces.
  2. Pigeons are generally pan-fried and go along with fried mushrooms.
  3. Wild ducks are roasted in a hot oven at 425 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. It is grilled around 400 degrees Fahrenheit by applying some oil to the surface.

List and describe five portion cuts for poultry.

         Portion cutsDescription
  1. Whole bird
  2. Thighs
  3. Breast
  4. Wings
  5. Drumsticks
  1. It contains all the parts along with bones and fats.
  2. It is the whole part of the leg excluding the drumstick and patella (Operta et al. 2017).
  3. It is the most versatile part with less fat and bones.
  4. It is the cheaper part of the poultry flesh.
  5. It is a lower part of the leg excluding the thigh.
  1. You need to prepare chicken ballotines filled with a chicken farce and you are starting with a whole chicken.
  2. Which equipment and utensils would be required to complete this task including de-boning and cutting the whole chicken?
  3. What are the safety requirements which must be considered?
  4. What are the requirements for assembling the food processor in a safe and hygienic manner?
  5. What are the requirements for ensuring the sharpness of knives is maintained during the preparation of poultry? How is this done?
Equipment and utensils required
Filleting knife, yellow board, roasting pan, and oven.
Safety requirements
Chicken needs to be kept in a clean and sealed container.
Use chopper boards for meat chopping
No stain in the chicken should be visible (Ali et al. 2015)
Safe and hygienic assembly of a food processor
Make sure that the equipment is clean and ready for use.
Methods and procedure to ensure the sharpness of knives
Using a sharp stone to retain its sharpness.

List 3 methods of trussing and describe how they are done.

  1. Using a shortcut
  2. Tying the legs
  3. Tying the wings
  1. In the shortcut method, put the chicken breast upward and tie the legs by crossing them, cut the excess thread then the wings have to be tucked in.
  2. After positioning the chicken, put the twine under the legs and cross it by pulling the drumsticks along with attaching the twine over the wings and under the thighs. Then turn it and cut the excess thread and flip it upward.
  3. Putting the chicken upward, tie up the twine after bringing it forward, and bring it under the breast. Then tie up the twine by attaching the crossed legs and trim the excess thread.

Provide 4 reasons for trussing.  

  1. Trussing is required to make the chicken juicy and moist.
  2. It is done so that the breast cavity would not open widely.
  3. It is done to make the chicken look better.
  4. For the purpose of even cooking.

What are the storage, temperature, and thawing requirements for frozen poultry?

Storage requirementsStorage temperatureThawing requirements
Raw poultry needs to be stored on a platter in the refrigerator. The meat needs to be tightly wrapped in plastic (Lytou, Panagou & Nychas, 2017). For cooked poultry, the fat should be removed and needs to be placed in a sealed airtight container.It should be kept at 40°F to store it for 3-4 days.The food needs to be thawed at 35°F to 40°F with proper washing and removal of fat. It needs to be used within two days of thawing for better quality.

What are the storage requirements for cooked poultry products on display or for sale or further use, including labeling were relevant?

Storage Requirements
Cooked poultry needs to be kept in a refrigerator or at a low temperature with plastic wrapping the meat and providing labeling with a seal (Rodionova & Paliy, 2017).

What is the purpose of a marinade? List the 2 different types of marinades and provide 2 menu examples for their applications:

Purpose of a Marinade
The purpose of the marinade is to reach all the spices into the flesh accurately and to make it softer.
Type of MarinadeMenu Examples 
1. Acidic marinadeRoasted boneless turkey breast
Garlic roast goose
2. Dairy marinadeMarinated flank steak
Grilled Salmon
  1. As a guideline, what is the approximate cooking time per kg of poultry for roasting?
  2. How can you check whether the bird is cooked?
  3. How would this differ if a bird is filled with stuffing?
Cooking time and variance for stuffed birds
Poultry bird need 40 minutes to be cooked for roasting
The variance will be 15 minutes for stuffed roasting

Provide a brief description of the following cookery methods applied to suitable types and different cuts of poultry. Also, provide 1 menu example for each method: 

Cookery methodsDescription of application and use of suitable cuts and or types of bird
BoilingWhole-body, Chicken.
Lemon pepper chicken
Shallow Poachingpoultry breasts,
Shallow poached salmon
Deep PoachingTenderloin
Chili-lime chicken salad
Jamaican Brown Stew
Pan-fried chicken
Garlic roast chicken
Fried turkey
Sauté ChickenTender
Deep-FryingTender, wings
Fried chicken breast
Grilled chicken sandwich
RoastingRoasted chicken breast

List 6 important hygiene factors which must be applied when handling and processing poultry: 

           Hygiene Factors
  1. Wash hands and use clean utensils
  2. Cooking meat thoroughly
  3. Use one cutting board for raw meat and another one for fresh produce.
  4. Use a food thermometer for the safety of cooked poultry.
  5. Clean the devices which have come through the raw poultry along with the hands if touched.
  6. Cook the poultry meat until it becomes white.


You require 3.200 kg of chicken meat to produce a farce. A chicken size 16 has a net yield of 70 % meat.

What is the total weight of chicken you would require expressed in 0.000 Kg? (round your answer to 3 decimal places) 

16 size chicken = 1.6 kg

Thus, 70% of yield of 1.6 kg chicken = 1.12kg

Therefore, total weight of required chicken = 1.12*1.12 = 2.240 kg

How many whole chickens size 16 would you need to order from stores? 

16 size chicken = 1.6 kg

Therefore, 3.200kg will need= 3.200/1.6= 2

2 whole chickens of size 16 would be needed.

Select 3 different dishes using poultry and game birds and provide a suitable starch, accompaniment, and sauce for each dish:

Menu ExampleStarch, Accompaniment, Sauce
Broiled chickenCorn starch, roasted potatoes to simple salads, and butter sauce.
Grilled QuailPotato starch, garlic sauce with the accompaniment of Bois boudran
Roast Squab with Bacon and Grapes

Potato starch, bacon, and grapes, creamy asiago and mustard sauce

Provide a brief overview of the nutritional values of poultry in general, turkey specifically, and game birds like emu and ostrich:

Nutritional Value of poultry
Protein 20-22%.
Vitamin B like riboflavin, niacin, thiamin.
Vitamin E, biotin, folic, and pantothenic acid.
The high amount of polyunsaturated and monosaturated fatty acid.
Nutritional Value of turkey
Total fat contains 2gm
Cholesterol 91gm
Sodium 235mg
Potassium 282mg
Carbohydrate 0gm
Nutritional Value of emu and ostrich
9gm of fat
165 calories/3.5 ounce

What are the typical steps involved for carving poultry as part of a presentation, buffet, or function to ensure correct portioning and mix of meat? How would this vary for emu or ostrich meat?

Steps for carving poultry
  1. Setting up of a carving station
  2. Separate the skin from the leg and the body.
  3. Removal of thigh and drumstick in a piece.
  4. Cutting of the breast meat.
  5. Cutting of breast meat into pieces.
  6. Removal of the wings.
  7. Plate it and serve.
Steps for carving ostrich or emu meat
  1. Removing the strings of ostrich and cutting against the bird’s grain
  2. Slicing downwards to remove thighs and legs through joint
  3. Removal of wings
  4. Cut into pieces

You are working in the saucier section of a hotel. You are preparing various poultry cuts and feathered game for a function.

What is required to ensure a food-safe workspace and equipment during preparation and service and at the end of the shift?

Ans: Sanitisation and clean place needs to be ensured. Equipment needs to be placed at their position safely.

What does this need to include to prevent wastage of leftovers or by-products from preparation? List 2 examples of how offcuts and trimmings from poultry and the feathered game could be used to boost food costs.

Ans: Buying fewer products, plan up for preparing meals, and storage of the leftovers safely in the refrigerator.

  1. Poultry feather wastes can be converted into soil nutrients.
  2. From feather quill bioplastics can be made (Murali & Arun, 2017).

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