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SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet

The students pursuing SIT718 real-world analytics from the universities of Australia often face difficulty while solving the assignments related to it. The course is tough and requires complete knowledge to solve the assignments. The assignments asked to do during the course are related to data analytics which can be confusing sometimes.

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What are SIT718 and its learning outcomes?

The course unit is related to real-world analytics. It mainly has two concepts in its study which are optimization and multivariate data aggregation. The course helps the students to learn about how to decide in an industry or business when a problem appears. Also, it makes the students learn civic services have a solution by the involvement of modern modeling and techniques of solutions.

The SIT718 assessment also teaches mathematical problems during the problems of optimizations which are: planning production, managing the time, restoring human resources, proper schedules of the sports program, robotics or vehicle routing, resource allocation, and designing of a network.
On the other hand, related to the concept of multivariate data aggregation, students will be able to study the concepts related to multivariate functioning which overall summarizes the data sets involving interconnected variables. Also, students can learn to analyze datasets by understanding the parameters of the multivariate functions.

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SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment 2 Answers

Question 1: Analyze the performance and the behavior of share prices of a company using the stochastic model?
The answer to the above question can only be explained if a student has in-depth knowledge about the stochastic model and its usage. The experts of the Australia Assignment Help explain this model as a kind of financial model which comes in used when the decisions are to be made related to investment.

The modeling computes the chance of various results in various situations. It also comes in use when presenting the data and estimating the probability of the outcomes account.
Our IT assignment experts explain that there is a certain way to answer this Question 2 – Which is defined below:

The meaning of the symbols are:
s- Stochastic process
T- Time
w- Brownian motion
dt- Newtonian term
DWT- Brownian term

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SIT718Real World Analytics Assignment Task 2

The answer to the Question2 of the SIT718 assessment course mentioned below, the students of the course need to opt for one company from the list of companies given. Along with this, the students are asked to assist in the implementation of stochastic modeling of the share prices.
The experts of AustraliaAssignmentHelp.com offering assignment to the students of Australian universities offers complete supervision on the collection of the historical data of the selected company. The experts also assist the students during SIT718 real-world analytics assignment answer 2.

SIT718 Business Analytics Assignment Answer 2

Question 3: Discuss the conditions that share prices have to satisfy so that it can be represented by a Brownian motion?
The question carries 10 marks in the business analytics assignment. The students while answering this question should have in-depth knowledge about the conditions and the situations which are apt to share prices. Also, these are to be presented by using the Brownian motion. The students need to care about the condition that whether the data is falling under the given condition or not. This can be done by using the statistical test. Students should remember to present this in a tabular form.

  • Correlation
  • Sign test
  • Wilcoxon sign-rank test
  • Paired T-test
  • Spearman correlation
  • Chi-square
  • Pearson correlation
  • Wilcoxon rank-sum test
  • Independent T-tests
  • Multiple regression
  • Simple regression

SIT718 Real World Analytics Assignment Task Question

The answer to this question cannot complete without proper search work. Thus, if the student faces a problem while researching then our team of IT experts can assist the students in finding the answer. They have complete knowledge about the formulas related to this question.

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The approaches described above to the assigned tasks of the SIT718 course is helpful to the students in many ways. The students can even download the entire SIT718Real World Analytics Assignment Task Solutions provided by our experts. It can ease the situation of Australian university students doing this particular course.

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