Rolfe Reflective Model Essay Example

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetReflective writing is quite different from academic writing. Teachers give a reflective writing assignment to students for enabling them to share their opinion and experience. Students who are writing a reflective essay for the first time should use a simple but effective model such as Rolfe reflective model.

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In nursing, reflective practices are common. Nurses or medical professionals perform reflective practices for bringing improvement in their performance at the workplace. Among the different models of reflection, Rolfe’s reflective model is straightforward and easy to use. Rolfe’s reflective model is based on the questions these are what? So What? Now what?

In what part of a reflective essay, you need to describe the situation. Students need to highlight the place and they need to explain what has been analyzed in so what part.

The main motive of this part is to support the literature. It is so what part where you need to include most of the references. According to Rolfe, it is now what part that makes a valuable contribution to enhancing practices.

What: It is the section in the reflective essay where you should utilize descriptive language. The use of descriptive language will provide the reader with ease in understanding the situation. At the time of writing this part, you should provide more information. But at the same time, you should also concentrate on providing important detail.

So what: Here, you need to interpret the problem. In this part of Rolfe’s reflective essay, you need to provide a brief of how a specific situation has influenced you and your understanding.

Now what? In this section of Rolfe’s reflective essay, you need to provide detail about w how this has allowed you to develop your practice or understanding. At last, you need to write about what influence it will have on your future practice.

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Structure of reflective essay using in Rolfe model

The structure of the reflective essay using the Rolfe model is similar to the structure of other academic writing. This essay also consists of an introduction, which establishes a scene of an essay.

The main body paragraph contains the reflection process and detailed information. Every main body paragraph in a reflective essay written using the Rolfe model highlights one important issue.

The main body paragraph of Rolfe’s reflective essay is related to each other in a logical way. The last section is a conclusion which comprises a summary of the main points in the essay.

There are basically two techniques that you can utilize for structuring Rolfe’s reflective essay. First of all, you can structure your essay around what? So what? Now what? After that, you can highlight every issue. The main body section of a reflective essay should contain a description of the circumstances as a whole. After that you should include then an analysis of what happened (So what?), finishing with how new leanings can be applied in the future.

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Use of pronounces in Reflective essay using Rolfe model

Like other academic writing, you need to utilize the first-person narrative for writing a reflective essay. If in case you need to describe personal observation then you need to utilize “I”. At the time of writing general comments, you can use either the first or third person. You should utilize the third person for referring to the literature.

Utilization of Tenses

Reflective writing often requires movement between past, present, and future tenses, depending on whether actual events are being recounted, a more general comment is being made or a projection about the future is proposed.`

Refer to the Literature

If in case you are using the theories relevant to the topic of reflection then it is very much essential for you to acknowledge all sources of ideas.


At the end of the session, I had developed an in-depth understanding of Gardeners (2012) nursing leadership theory. It has allowed me to identify the skill which I need to develop for becoming an effective nurse leader. Risk-taking is my strengths, and so I have enjoyed experimenting with the use of mind maps, I use diagrams and charts to organize my thinking around the project. I feel that this has improved my ability to understand, retain and apply concepts.

My strength is that I have a creative thinking capability. I enjoyed experimenting with the use of mind maps,  diagrams and charts to organize my thinking around my design project. I feel that this has enhanced my capability to understand, retain and apply concepts.

Use of Vocabulary in Rolfe reflective essay

The students must use proper vocabulary at the time of writing a reflective essay using the Rolfe model of reflection.

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