Principles of Primary Healthcare in Australia

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Definition of Primary healthcare

Primary health care is basically the first contact which a person has with the Australian health system. It is mainly related to the treatment of patients those who are admitted to the hospital. Primary health care services can be delivered both at home and in a community-based setting.

Few primary health care services are health promotion, early intervention, management of chronic conditions, and treatment of acute conditions. Primary health care includes a wide range of services that are delivered outside the hospital setting.

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Principles of primary care in Australia

Comprehensive primary health care is a holistic approach to health and well-being. It comprises all services which could have a significant influence on the health and well-being of the service user. In Australia, primary health care services are delivered in partnership with the interdisciplinary team through a range of services and events.

Primary health care services in Australia are based on interconnecting principles. These 5 principles are equity, access, community self-determination, intersectoral collaboration, and empowerment.

It also includes developing an understanding of different factors such as social, political, environmental, and economic influencing health.

The principle of primary health care in Australia incorporates health promotion, the prevention of illness, and strategies to enhance individual and community control over health and wellbeing by applying a person-centered approach.

Equity as the principle of primary health care states that nurses before implementing any decision should consider what is fair and reasonable.

Principle of accessibility, as per this principle, nurses need to make sure that primary care services are available to all people. There is no discrimination among the patients on any of the following bases such as gender, age, religion, nationality, etc.

According to the principle of intersectoral collaboration, nurses need to ensure that the health and well-being of any community do not solely dependent on effective health care services.

Government, businesses, and other companies should make their valuable contribution to the promotion of self-reliance and communities.

The principle of community self-determination in Australia health care states that nurses should make sure that indigenous communities can fulfill their social, economic, and cultural requirements.

National primary healthcare framework

The national primary health care strategic framework is a national statement that is given by the standing council of health. It represents an agreed approach for developing a stronger and more effective health care system in Australia.

Many pieces of evidence showcase that those health systems with strong primary care are more efficient. They have a lower rate of hospitalization, fewer health inequalities, low mortality rates, and better health outcomes.

Australia is among one of the countries which are enjoying better health outcome. According to the latest research, it has been found that the Australian health care system is burdened with increasing chronic illness and aging population.

Australia’s health care framework is built` on health care reforms which are already underway. It makes a significant contribution to the accomplishment of the desired goal of the effective, safe, equitable, and sustainable health care system.

The main objective of primary health care in Australia is to enhance health care for all Australians specifically those who are experiencing inequitable health outcomes. Another motive is to keep people healthy. It also intends to prevent illness, decrease the need for unnecessary hospitals, and to enhance the administration of chronic diseases.

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The primary health care framework mainly emphasizes 4 strategic outcomes. These are developing person-centered and integrated primary health care system. It emphasizes enhancing access and minimizing inequalities. The primary health care system also focuses on health promotion and prevention, screening, and early intervention.

It concentrates on enhancing safety, quality, accountability, and performance. Primary health care is the frontline of Australia’s health care system.

Role of Australian nurses in primary health care

In the context of primary health care, the registered nurse has to perform many functions. These are assessment and documentation of health status, case management, health coaching, delegate care for episodic illness, supervision of staff, etc.
In addition to this role of nurses in primary care health is to research, plan, implement, and evaluate health promotional strategies. They need to actively participate in generating public awareness.

Nurses should act as an educator and promoters. About raising awareness, registered nurses should educate professional peers about the importance and benefits of collaborative actions.

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