MPM701A Business Process Management Assessment Answer

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MPM701A Business Process Management Assessment Answer

Deakin University is one of the leading universities which helps students in shaping their careers. The university has gain popularity for its innovative styles of teaching, courses, on-campus and off-campus facilities, etc. The students from all over the world every year get admission to this university.

Few courses that Deakin University offers are management, nursing, law, etc.
The students who are studying the MPM701A Business Process Management from Deakin University here is a brief about the course unit.

The course unit helps the students to know more about the study of business process management, foundational skills, and its importance in making organizational strategies. The course unit’s main focus is on the key role of information and communication technologies which is important for supporting business processes.

The coursework MPM701A Business Process Management assessment answer emphasizes Business Process Management which different industries like the service sector, wholesale, and manufacturing uses.
Talking about the MPM701A assessment then two parts are there in it. Here are some of the details about the Part B of the assignment.

MPM701A Business Process Management: An Overview

The part B of the MPM701A business process management assignment answer deals with the writing of a report. The report should be based on the receipt of Part A assessment. For the completion of this part of the assessment, the students need to play the role of a business process management consultant and need to prepare a report of business for a client.

With the completion of the second part of the MPM701A assessment, the students will be able to learn more skills like communication, writing, etc. They will be able to gather information about business process management discipline. Also, the student while writing the assignment needs to find out about the various circumstances and viewpoints to give guidance to the client. Through this guidance or viewpoints, the owner of the business will get to know about various reasons for whether to go for a BPM approach or not.

What is to be done in the MPM701A business process management assessment?

The primary task of the students while doing this assessment of MPM701A is to submit a professional business report. The experts of provide the students of Australian universities a proper structure that they can follow while writing the report. Here it is:

  • FrontPage

here the students should write their names, student numbers, headings, logo, and name of the consulting company (hypothetical) which a student has selected.

  • Executive summary

The executive summary is supposed to be placed on the first page of the report but is written at the ends. There are certain components that an executive summary must highlight.

  1. Why this research was performed?
  2. What is the outcome of the research?
  3. Some of the recommendations and suggestions are based on the results.

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  • Introduction

The introduction included in the report showcases its purpose. One should clearly define the purpose of writing the business report. Also, the introduction includes a succinct summary. It should be crafted well and should be based on Part A of the report.

  • Recommended solution

The students during proposing solutions to the client must take care of including what means to be required to develop the business process architecture. It should also include how this is valuable in the effectiveness of the business and its efficiency. The students must offer an appropriate diagram for the BPMN process flow with the help of the Bizagi Modeler tool.

  • References

if the students are gathering the ideas and information from our sources then they should be listed well and authenticated by the referencing system. The students must have the skills to develop references and in-text the documents.

  • Appendices

There are times when the use of the diagrams or something similar to that does carry much importance in the argument. But they are still supportive and informative, they should be added to the report.

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Points to consider writing MPM701A Management Report

There are certain points which students should follow while writing the MPM701A management report:

  • The first point is about linking the business management assignment process frameworks and principles. It will help in accomplishing the goals and strategies of an organization.
  • The students must be proficient in the use of BPM methodologies and software which will be beneficial for them to fix problems of an organization.
  • They should have the ability to analyze and calculate the organization’s systems’ appropriateness critically.

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