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MGT540 Management of Change Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetMGT540 – Management of Change is a subject of a management course in Australia, in which students are taught about the dynamics of management of change, range of theoretical and practical perspective that facilitates a critical awareness of organizational changes is introduced in this subject.

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Learning Outcomes of MGT540 – Management of Change Assessment

Below are few learning outcomes of the MGT540 assessment

  • You can easily identify Drivers of organizational changes.
  • You will be able to examine stakeholder responses to change.
  • Students can easily analyze approaches to organizational change and assessment of the outcomes from a range of theoretical perspective>
  • Analysation and assessment of the ethical and sustainability problems surrounding organizational changes could be done by you.
  • About organization and performance goals, you will be able to assess an organizational change management program.
  • Ethical recommendations that contribute to the success of a change initiative could be proposed, justified, and communicated by you.

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Questions asked in MGT540 – Management of Change Assessment:

Approaches to answer the questions asked in MGT540 – Management of Change Assessment:
An aspect that allows management to cope with future competitive changes. Cheryl Hailstorm is the CEO of her company Lakeland Wonders. She wants to bring out two significant changes in her company. In the context of the MGT54  coursework assessment, you can write the first change related to entering the mid-market retail segment.

The second is in the establishment of manufacturing capabilities offshore.
Mark Dawson’s resistance to change is related to the current scope of analysis and Cheryl Hailstorm’s response towards Mark Dawson’s. To manage the resistance faced in terms of the ethical change management model (Cameron & Green, 2015), there are some recommendations provided that can be adopted by Cheryl.

Include Mark Dawson Resistance to change in the MGT540 assessment answer

Mark Dawson is the Senior Vice President of the Lakeland Wonders company. He is resisting the change that the CEO  bought in the company by Cheryl Hailstorm. The clear vision and progress of Cheryl have planned for the company for the future was not properly shared with other senior members of the company (Frankland, Mitchell, Ferguson, Sziklai, Verma, Popowski & Sturgeon, 2008). She did not share the vision with the Swensen family and not with the senior management.

Critical Response of Cheryl Hailstorm towards Mark Dawson:

The resistance She was facing from Mark Dawson was rather critical and apprehensive (Starr, 2011).
The Company failed to meet its target because the traditional organizational culture suited them immensely. She felt that there is a need for new employees in the company, who might be able to bring a positive change in her company (Anderson & Anderson, 2010).
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