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MGMT6012 Impact of Values Ethics and Diversity Management Assessment Answer

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Learning outcomes of MGMT6012: Impact of Values – Ethics and Diversity

  • After completion of the MGMT6012 assignment, you will gain knowledge about today’s changing organization. students will be able to critically analyze the roles, functions that a manager performs in an organization.
  • You will be able to discuss the impact of values, ethics, and diversity on the culture of an organization and the role, behavior, and performance of the managers within the organization.

Some Details on MGMT 6012: Impact of Values – Ethics and Diversity

MGMT6012 coursework is designed so students can understand organizational behavior, politics, and the dynamics of the business environment.

The MGMT6012 assessment of this aims to equip the students with the required skills so that they can understand the issues which managers and leaders face while developing strategies.
Students have to draw up a case study report on their own organization, or they can choose an organization.
Points to include in this case study: a rationale for the research methodology and organizational theory utilized including comparison with an alternative theory, utilization of appropriate research strategies, a critical examination of the role of ethical practice and ethics relevant to the chosen organization, discussion of the role and legitimacy of the management function and how it is implicated by politics and social environment, incorporating the use of qualitative analysis and incorporating the use of several high-quality externals.

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Approach to solve the MGMT6012: Impact of Values – Ethics and Diversity

A SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and threat analysis) will be created by the students on themselves and it will reflect on their current status as a manager.

The second task in MGMT6012  include: assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses A minimum of three self-assessment tools and refer to a result of a student’s SWOT analysis will be completed by the students.
You will need to reflect on who is providing the feedback and how you appear to be progressing according to that feedback.

Opportunities and threats that will impact your management journey should be discussed, including the self-development for continuous improvement.
This is one of the approaches on how to solve the MGMT6012: Impact of Values – Ethics and Diversity – Management assessment.

However! The complete assessment will be in more detail about the subject and the topic.

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