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Melbourne MicroCert Collaborative Leadership Assignment Sample

This is the sample of “Melbourne MicroCert Collaborative Leadership Assignment”

This short course is a great way to learn creative ways of empowering your staff so they can be more creative.

These techniques include drawing from performing arts, and you can take the class online or in-person, depending on what you want.

It’s designed with professionals and leaders in mind who want more information about how their personal leadership style impacts those around them as well as tips on creating an optimal work environment.

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Solution Of ” Melbourne MicroCert Collaborative Leadership Assignment “

The professor handed out a few assignments in this course. One of them is to complete a group project, do some research on the business world, do individual assignments, group projects and then write up an executive summary for your company’s proposal.

Assignment Activity 1. Explain communication techniques and activities

Communication can be done by talking to your boss, writing a resume, or getting feedback on your work performance. It is important to be respectful and clear.

If you compliment someone’s outfit, they might talk to you. If you are writing a cover letter for a job, include only the information that will interest the reader.

Give them an idea of what they want to see in order to convince them that they must read it.

If you want to succeed in your career, you need good communication skills. These are useful when talking to clients, giving presentations, or talking at all. Communicating and time management are also very important for success.

Assignment Task 2. Understand the rhythm of your organization

To understand the rhythm of your organization, try to observe one of their meetings.

A lively meeting should have significant visual notes in the form of graphics, visuals, or data on the board.

It should involve plenty of conversation and discussion about both the purpose and how to achieve it.

If company meetings have people talking and interacting with each other, then they are doing good work.

If the meetings are just PowerPoint presentations and talking head briefings, then it is likely that they will not do so well in the future.

Some problems in an organization could be from process gaps or even human resource issues.

You need to be able to recognize when there is something wrong with the leadership, or even just the way things are structured. Then you can make a change and fix it.

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Assignment Activity 3. Refine your personal leadership style

A leader’s personal style is usually intrinsic to their leadership. This means that the leader will generally exhibit their personal or internal leadership style in most, if not all, aspects of their life, without realizing it.

The mental awareness of how your actions and behaviors affect others is important.

The earlier you start thinking about it, the more time you have to make changes so that your traits will help you attain your goals.

It is true that people often have challenges when they try to merge both external and internal styles together into one.

This can be a valuable asset for someone in the position of leadership.

When a leader understands how to balance between their own goals and needs, with the interests, values, challenges, and obstacles of others they are better suited for making successful decisions on behalf of those around them.

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