MAA250 Ethics for Financial Professionals Management Accounting Assessment Answer

Deakin University Assignment Cover SheetPlenty of students from all over the world come to Australia for their higher studies. They enrol in different universities. Deakin University is one of the best Authority known for its education standards where both domestic and international students come for their higher studies.

One of the most popular subjects in which they enroll is MAA250 Ethics for Financial Professionals Management Accounting Assessment.

This is an important subject in which students aim to develop their ability in analyzing and evaluating appreciation of ethics. Also, the students will come to know how they can apply these ethical principles while taking any important financial decisions within an organization.

This subject is not easy to understand and upon that students are given MAA250 Ethics for Financial Professionals Management Accounting  Assessment. While writing the assessment answers you can face a lot of difficulties if you haven’t understood every term related to the subject properly.

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Learning outcomes of MAA250 Ethics for Financial Professionals Management Accounting

  • the nature of ethics
  • Factors related to organization and personal ethics
  • Ethical models for making decisions
  • Corporate governance aspects
  • Theories and principles of ethics applied to finance professionals
  • Ethical conflicts and issues in the financial service industry
  • Corporate social responsibility

MAA250: Ethics for Financial Professionals Management Accounting Assessment Assessment Details

Our professional assignment writers have provided some help to the students which will make their MAA250: Ethics for Financial Professionals Assessment writing a bit easier. When the students will make the assignment they will learn different ways of applying the knowledge of ethics and decision making in a particular situation.

In the assessment, students are required to answer some questions based on the case study.

Our Management accounting experts say that the students who are writing  MAA250 assessment answers must have complete knowledge and understanding of theories and principles of ethics which are included in FASEA, banking code, and APES 110.

MAA250 Assessment Case Study: Questions

MAA:250 Ethics for Financial Professionals – Management Accounting Case Study Questions

Read the case study thoroughly and answer each question according to the given word count. While giving the answers, you are required to focus on your ethical viewpoint and approach. If you are adding ideas for views of someone else, don’t forget to reference them properly.

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Questions To Be Answered In MAA250: Ethics For Financial Professional Management Accounting Assessment 

There are three major questions that you are required to answer to read the case study. Read the questions properly to answer. Still, If you have any confusion with the questions and cannot write the answer up to the mark, take MAA250: Ethics For Financial Professional Assignment help from our management writers.

Question 1:  Give a brief explanation of the facts you understood after reading the case. Identify the stakeholders who impacted the case.

Approach to answering the question:
To answer this question, it is important to comprehend the case properly and find out all the facts. After answering the first part you need to identify the stakeholders who are impacted in the case.

The stakeholders are bank managers, investors, media, the public, employees, government along the investigation team.

Question 2: How can you do the categorization of the actions of the Directors, CEO, and CFO? Would you agree with their actions taking into consideration stakeholder expectations and the market competition?

Approach to answering the question:
If you have read the case study properly, you can easily identify that the CEO, Directors, and CFO behave in an unethical manner due to which chances of ethical relativism are there. Therefore, to answer this question, today’s must be capable of implementing correct ethical principles and theories they have to learn during their lectures.
moreover, the student also needs to show whether they agree or disagree with this statement. If you have missed your lectures, you will not be able to answer the question properly. You can take, MAA250 assessment answer help from our experienced management writers.

Question 3: Applying Kolhberg’s theory how would you categorize the actions of the Board, CEO, and the CFO?

Approach to answering the question
The theory of Lawrence Kohlberg’s model is essential to know because it acts as the base for ethical behavior, moral reasoning, and 6 major development stages. next, you have to categorize the actions of the CEO, CFO, and the Director concerning the theory.

The above status three questions are only a few of all the other questions that you need to answer after reading the case study. Expert writers have pasted the list of questions below:

MAA:250 Ethics for Financial Professionals – Management Accounting Assessment Questions
All these questions asked the students to analyze the case study deeply. If you cannot answer the question concerning the given word count, take help from our Australia assessment helper today.

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