Levett Jones Clinical Reasoning Cycle Case Study

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetStudents pursuing the nursing course are expected to utilize the clinical reasoning cycle as a framework for planning and evaluating person-centered care. They are asked to properly analyze the case study and provide information about techniques used for the collection of facts.

Students also need to provide detail about the type of data collected, nursing problems, objectives, etc. They should provide information about how care was given for addressing problems.

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Clinical reasoning is a process that professional nurses use for developing an understanding of the exact condition of patients. After gaining knowledge about the present situation of the patient nurses do careful planning.  Clinical reasoning cycle includes a few steps which are important for providing patient with effective treatment.

The different steps in the clinical reasoning cycle are a collection of information, developing understanding about patient condition, formulation, and finally evaluation of care plan. After completion of the cycle, you need to reflect on the nature and pattern of the result.

Reports include the clinical reasoning cycle by Levett jones along with 7 steps. We will also emphasize analyzing the way it adds values to nursing outcomes.

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Main Body

Clinical reasoning is basically the central point of nursing. The main principle underlying this statement is that nurses play an important role in judgments along with the judgment made in the healthcare setting.

Nurses need to engage themselves within clinical reasoning sessions on a routine basis. After application of the clinical reasoning abilities, nurses could accomplish constructive results.

The clinical reasoning cycle is developed by Levett jones involves 7 fundamental steps  these are:

  • Consider the condition of the patient
  • Accumulate information and cues
  • Process information
  • Identification of problem
  • Setting goals
  • Take action
  • Evaluation of outcomes

Step 1:

Considering the condition of the patient

Nurse for ensuring that decision is precise and effective need to consider the health condition of the patient. It is very crucial to think about important data related to patient condition.

Nurses and medical professionals in healthcare institutions need to make important decisions based on their judgment and knowledge.

Clinical reasoning sessions that nurses undergo are moral reasoning sessions which eventually assist them in analyzing the condition of patients and health status before they begin with the decision making procedure.

Clinical reasoning should start with caring and concerns which nurses should develop for taking good care of their patients.

Step 2:

Accumulation of information, At this step, you need to accumulate information about patient health. They need to collect information about the medical history of the patient. Nurses can execute patient assessment for accumulating possible changes that might take place. The last task is to recall knowledge which includes recalling existing steps that the patient has undergone.

Step 3:

Process information is a step that includes interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of data related to patient health. Analyzing information for understanding symptoms and signs and simulating a comparison between normal and abnormality. Discriminating comes next, which involved refining valuable information from irrelevant information, recognizing any possible inconsistency, and extracting the most important gaps within the cues

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Step 4:

Identification of problem, nurses needs to synthesize presumptions and facts by diagnosing session.

Step 5:

Establishment of goals:

Then next comes, the setting of objectives where nurses need to describe the desired outcome

Step 6:

The last step is, take action. Nurses need to implement a course of action that would help them to deliver treatment in the best possible manner.

Step 7:

Evaluation of outcome, evaluating the outcome for this particular situation, nurses had to evaluate the present health condition of the patient.

Research evidence in the clinical reasoning cycle can be of great significance as it provides clinically relevant, methodologically sound alternatives regarding the safest and effective nursing interventions for putting a maximum positive impact on patient health outcomes.


It has been concluded from the above that nurses that professional nurses and a medical professional have developed core competencies of clinical reasoning which has a great effect on treatment outcome.

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