ITC561 Cloud Computing Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet - nswWith the introduction of cloud computing in the industry, the way a company works has changed a lot in the past few years. Many companies are adapting to cloud computing technology to meet their business requirements. With this changing trend, students are also interested in studying cloud computing.

The coursework ITC561 covers topics related to cloud computing.
In Australia, several local, as well as international scholars, learn ITC561 Cloud Computing Course. Students are given various assignments so that they can understand the concept of this subject in the proper way one of the assignments is ITC561 Cloud Computing Assessment Answer. This assessment provides the students with in-depth knowledge about cloud computing technologies and their uses in business.

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Learning outcomes of ITC561 Cloud Computing Assessment Answer:

Upon successful completion of the ITC561 Cloud Computing Assessment you will be able to:

  • The ability of different cloud computing architectures can be compared and evaluated by a student to meet a set of given business requirements.
  • To determine suitability for a cloud computing delivery model, students will be able to evaluate a set of business requirements.
  • An ICT Risk management strategy can be identified and designed by a student for a cloud computing delivery plan to meet business requirements.
  • To plan a migration to a cloud model, a student can critically analyze business requirements.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) that meet the business requirements for a cloud computing plan.

To complete the ITC561 Cloud Computing Assessment students have to complete various tasks. They have to answer the questions in the assessment. Here is a short introduction to the topic.

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 Cloud Computing Assessment Item 1- Concepts and Models Part Scenario:

a video and production and development company named VideoDev LTD which works for their clients across Australia and New Zealand. The VideoDev Company is considering moving some of its computer infrastructures into the Cloud.

The company is taking this step as they want to increase the company’s flexibility and responsiveness, as well as to achieve some savings on the cost of maintaining their Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures.
Your task in this topic is to prepare a PowerPoint briefing for the company VideoDev.

Important points to include in ITC561 PowerPoint

The following points and questions should be included in the ITC561 PowerPoint:

  • You have to explain Cloud Computing to the board.
  • Before moving to the cloud what are the main cloud concepts that the board should understand?
  • Why do you think that moving to the Cloud computing technology is a good move for VideoDev?
  • You have to explain how the company could move its video processing to cloud computing.
  • Explain the difference between IaaS and PaaS service models.
  • What type of service model you would recommend to the board?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the service model you have recommended to the board for VideoDev video processing?
  • In removing backlogs how that move would assist the company?
  • Between Amazon Workspaces or Windows Virtual Desktop, which would provide the best SDOE for VideoDev?
  • You have to briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each possible SDOE in your PowerPoint. You should also discuss how to deliver SDOE to a staff member’s laptop.

This is a list of questions and tasks which you will have to complete and it requires lots of time and knowledge about the subject. As students are short on time due to multiple assignments and homework from their university they are not able to complete their work before the deadline.

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