ITC544 Fundamentals IT Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetWith the rapid growth in technology, many students of today’s generation are interested in pursuing an Information Technology Course in Australia. Even pupils from various countries are move to Australia to pursue the ITC544 IT Fundamentals Assessment Courses.

This subject teaches the students about the introduction to the computing hardware and software along with the application of the computing systems in a business environment.

While studying this subject students have to complete many assignments which also comprises doing ITC544 IT Fundamentals Assessment Answer. Completing this assessment for many students is very difficult because the complexity level of this assignment is very high. Students require keen knowledge of the subject and good research skills to complete this assessment successfully.
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Learning outcome of ITC544 IT Fundamentals Assessment Answer:

After completing the ITC544 IT Fundamentals Assessment you will be able to:

  • The essential elements of a computer and its functionalities can be investigated and described by a student.
  • Understanding of data representations and calculations to practical situations can be applied by a student.
  • An elementary computer program can be developed by a student.
  • Students can discuss the features of different software development methodologies
  • You can discuss the fundamental networking concepts, protocols ad standards
  • From requirements and acquisition through to operation and maintenance, a student can discuss the principle lifecycle phases of an information system.
  • The role of IT service management frameworks, policies and compliance issues .

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There are various parts in this assessment that a student has to complete accurately:

ITC544 IT Fundamentals Assessment Part 1

in part one, students have to create, share, answer, and evaluate multiple choice questions with their classmates. Using the PeerWise application, students have to register themselves in the PeerWise system. If you have not used the PeerWise system earlier you just have to click on the “Registration Link” and follow the steps. All you have to do is choose a username and a password for your PeerWise account.

If you have used PeerWise before, then you just have to log in to your account and select “join the course” from the home menu.

ITC544 IT Fundamentals Assessment Part 2

in the second part of this assessment students have to answer multiple questions some of them are listed below:

  • Question 1-A

If a computer uses the IEEE-754 single-precision format to represent the floating points and If you represent the floating-point using the following digits, what value in decimal the computer represents? You have to show all the steps used in finding the answer. “0 01111110 10100000000000000000000”.

  • Question 1-B

You have to convert the following numbers. You have to show all the steps i- 0xAD9 into 3-base representation- 4518 into 2-base -binary- representation- 123-35 into octal representation -up to 3 octal points-iv- 14-358 into a decimal representation

  • Question 2

You have to write a MARIE program that accepts an integer from the user. If it is a prime number the MARIE program will output 1. Otherwise, the MARIE program will output 0. Using the MARIE simulator you have to write and run the program.
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