ITC542 Assessment Answer – Internetworking with TCP/IP

As the IT field is touching the heights in this modern world, an abundance of local as well as overseas students is seen in the information technology course at Charles Sturt University in Australia. While studying the ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP Course students have to submit various assignments given by their university. This subject teaches the students about the TCP/IP protocol suite and how it is used on the internet.

ITC542 Assessment Answer – Internetworking with TCP/IP

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With the vast knowledge, this subject offers there are many assessments also that a student has to complete in order to understand this subject deeply. ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP Assessment is given to the students of Charles Sturt University. Many students face different challenges while completing this assessment and they turn to Australia Assignment Help for the solution of this assessment.
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Students have to complete multiple assignments given by their university in a specific time frame, with this burden students are not able to focus on their studies. So if you are a student of Charles Sturt University and you have to prepare the assignment on ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP Assessment, visit our website and let us deal with this burden.

Learning outcome of ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP Assessment Answer:

Upon successful completion of the ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP Task student should be able to:

  • TCP/IP architecture and layers and compare with the OSI layers can be explained by a student.
  • Student can analyze the requirements of IP routing and they can choose an appropriate routing method.
  • Demonstration of how internetworking devices obtain their network configuration can be done by a student.
  • Students can explain how data flows through the internet.
  • You need to evaluate the selection of applications and protocols for transferring data across the internet
  • The evolution and ongoing change of the internet can be discussed by a student.

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Types of Questions Asked In ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP Assessment: 

  • What is a link-layer frame?
  • Define  network layer datagram?
  • What is the transport layer segment?
  •  Explain   application layer message?
  • When the application runs over UDP, is it possible for an application to enjoy reliable data transfer? If so, How?
  • You have to consider that a router which interconnects three subnets: Subnet 1, Subnet 2 and Subnet 3. Supposing each of these three subnets need to have the prefix /223.1.17/24 in the entire interface. And also supposing that Subnet 1 need to support a minimum of 60 interfaces, Subnet 2 is to support a minimum of 90 interfaces, and Subnet 3 is to support a minimum of 12 interfaces. To satisfy these constraints you have to provide three network addresses (of the form a.b.c.d/x such as 223.1.17/24). You have to show the steps of how to obtain your answer.
  • In the end you have to put together what you have learned about the Internet protocols. Imagine you walk into a room outside of Charles Sturt University Campuses, you connect to the Ethernet. And you want to download the slides published on a webpage of the ITC542 site in Interact 2. Starting from powering on your personal computer to getting the CSU web page what are all of the protocol steps that take place? You have to assume when you power on your PC, there is nothing in our DNS or browser caches. How you obtain the IP and MAC addresses, you have to explicitly indicate that in your steps.

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