ITC505 ICT Assessment Answer – Project Management

The ever-evolving technology has also improved the scope of IT with itself thus, student’s interest has also spiked in the courses of information technology. Even overseas pupils also come to Australia to pursue the ITC505 Courses. This course provides the students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to apply established project management principles and techniques.

ITC505 ICT Assessment Answer – Project Management

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Learning outcomes of ITC505 ICT Project Management Assessment Answer

After successfully completing the ITC505 ICT Project Management Assessment students will be able to:

  • The key elements of the IT project management framework could be identified, critically analyzed, reflect on, and synthesize by the students.
  • Within a professional workplace, students will be able to critically analyze the role of IT project management, from the viewpoint of the leader/member of the project team.
  • Within a project management context, students will be able to understand and apply the appropriate communication skills.

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Tasks under  ITC505 coursework

In order to successfully complete the ITC505 ICT Project Management Assessment Answer students have to complete various tasks.

Task 1

In the first task of the ITC505 ICT Project Management assessment student’s main focus is to develop a system for entry-exit. You may use Cuisine A, Cuisine B, and so on if you do not want to name the cuisines.

Task 2

in the ITC505 second task, a partial project charter has written up by the previous company for this project.  This sort of work mistake happens very often in the industry.

Task 3 of ITC505 

Questions in this assessment task are related to Creating an entry and exit system to track customer flow. Using eMenu technologies, a brand new student resident ordering system.

ITC505  Task 4

Part of being a good project manager is the ability to read and reflect on the tasks you have chosen. Now you have to write your thoughts on what you and your team have achieved, or missed out. You have to focus on the key elements of the framework, success factors, and knowledge areas. To support your thoughts you can use references. While writing the thought keep this in your mind that this is not a complaint section about your team members.
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