ITC 514 Linux Server Administration Assessment Answer

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In today’s era technology has made so much growth over the past few years. With the booming growth in technology, students’ interest has spiked in this particular field. While information technology has a good scope of a better professional career in this subject, the knowledge in this subject is immense.

That makes it very difficult to study for some students. While pursuing this course there will be many assignments given to you, one of which is ITC 514 – Linux Server Administration Assessment Answer.

In this course,  period ITC 514 – Linux Server Administration is one of the many other assignments given to a student, and that makes it difficult for a student to complete in the given time.
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Learning outcomes of ITC 514 – Linux Server Administration Assessment:

Upon successful completion of the ITC 514 – Linux Server Assessment

  • Technical knowledge you can apply to manage servers.
  • You will be able to investigate the layout of the server file system.
  • Creating and managing information services can be done by a student.
  • Designing and writing the scripts to automate various server management tasks can be done.
  • Justification of an appropriate protection strategy for data and services can be given by a student.
  • Critical evaluation of security policies and procedures can be done by a student.

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Short Brief on ITC 514 – Linux Server Administration:

Just like the Windows operating server and Mac OS, Linux is also an operating Server.
Designed to introduce students to systems administration of Linux servers the ITC514 – Linux Server Administration is a subject that provides the information services accessed through the internet.

TC514 – Different units under Linux Server Administration Assessment

There are numerous tasks which students have to complete like:

  • Installing the Linux operating system and creating the virtual machines in the hypervisor –VMWare player or Virtualbox and following two Linux distributors have to be installed “ Ubuntu Server 18-04-01- and Fedora server 29”.
  • After completing the installation you have to profile the system and then you have to write a script that is Current-Sh obtaining a current snapshot of the system.
  • Using DNF –yum replacement- or apt installation services and packages and Services Install tools and utilities made by Ubuntu and fedora distributors you  need to install the following utilities for both Linux: Cpuid, hwinfo, tree, and mc.

All of this is just a part of this assessment that a student has to complete. As you can imagine the amount of knowledge and coding skills it requires completing the ITC514 – Linux Server Administration Assessment. There are many ways in which a student might make some mistakes while completing this assessment.
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