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Students are required to prepare a professionally written business report that provides critical analysis, and evaluate organizational requirements to determine the effectiveness of business intelligence and knowledge management at a particular industry workplace or using real case studies.

The assignment has two tasks:

Task 1: Business Intelligence group report

Students are required to select one of the case study for their Business Intelligence analysis report, three case studies uploaded in the blackboard

1- Compsis at a Crossroads

2- PPS.tv and China’s Online Video Distribution M

3- Corning Incorporated: The Growth and Strategy Council

The report should fully explain the following points from 1-5 considering whatever applicable in your selected case study from each point.

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1- Overview of the demonstration of the Business Intelligence in the selected case study

2- Detailed explanation of the descriptive analytics from the selected case study

a) Data Warehousing

b) Business reporting, visual analytics, and business performance management

3- Detailed explanation of the predictive analytics from the selected case study

a) Data Mining

b) Technique for predictive modeling

c) Text Analysis, Text Mining, and sentiment analysis

d) Web Analytics, Web Mining, and Social Analytics

4- Detailed explanation of the prescriptive analytics from the selected case study

a) Model-Based Decisions Making: Optimisation and Multi-Criteria System

b) Modeling and Analysis: Heuristic Search Method and Simulation

c) Automated Decision Systems and Expert Systems

d) Knowledge Management and Collaborative Systems

5- Big Data and future directions for business analytics for the selected case study

a) Big Data and Analytics

b) Business Analytics: Emerging Trends and future impact

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Task 2: Business Intelligence technology implementation and report 

The students are required to explain and fully report and document their work in a fully detailed technical report as described in steps 1-4 below that demonstrate your knowledge in business intelligence technology. The technology implementation should be also presented during your presentation and you should demonstrate the implementation of the following:

1- Design and Create an excel file that manages the data set for their selected case study

2- Create a Visual Dashboard by connecting the designed excel file with the Tableau software

3- Install and configure Data warehouse using Hadoop, see the following website: https://hadoop.apache.org/

4- Download and demonstrate the use of one of the following ETL tools:

a) Talend Open Source Data Integrator

b) Scriptella


d) Pentaho Data Integrator – Kettle

e) Jaspersoft ETL

f) kettle

g) CloverETL

h) HPCC Systems

I) Jedox

j) Apatar

See the following site: https://www.datasciencecentral.com/profiles/blogs/10-open-source-etltools

5- Download and demonstrate the usage of WEKA software for Data Mining https://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/ml/weka/downloading.html

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