HS2041 Enterprise Systems Assignment Answer – Holmes Institute Australia

Assignment  Description:  

In this assignment, you need to read a  case study on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation and answer three questions. This assignment will let you define and describe the evaluation of  Enterprise  Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It will also let you examine and judge the role of EPR and its adoption process in the organization. Most importantly, you will learn to analyze and develop arguments organization’s ERP   selection,   planning,   implementation, and ongoing support phases. Students will also argue about the roles of key stakeholders in an organization’s ERP  selection,  planning,  implementation,  adoption, and ongoing support phases.

Assignment requirements:

You need to read the case study on ‘ERP Implementation

Failure: A Case Study’ (uploaded on Blackboard as a separate file) and  answer the following questions:

1. What are the key goals Hershey wanted to achieve using an ERP system?

2. Discuss the pros and cons of customizing the system. Use examples relevant to Hershey.

3. How should   Hershey have handled change management during   ERP implementation?

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