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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, commonly called ANZ, is an Australian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It is the second-largest bank by assets and the third-largest bank by market capitalization in Australia. It provides a variety of financial services including retail, business, and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment, and broking services. As an HCI specialist team, you have been requested to propose the user interface design modifications for the ANZ website and/or mobile app.

In your report please follow the below structure:

1.  Introduction – State the purpose and objectives of the report.

2. Discussion – Build your arguments into a cohesive thread, presenting your observations and findings that you have collated from section (1) to (6) from the ‘WHAT TO INCLUDE’ section.

3. Recommendation – This is the section where you present your recommendations. You should cover section (7) from the ‘WHAT TO INCLUDE’ section

4. Conclusion – Summaries your findings, consolidating and drawing attention to the main points of the report.

5. References.

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1. User Analysis: You must have a clear view of the users of this system. Consider that not everyone is comfortable with the technology. For example, you need to deal with user variation such as age or language skills.

2. Task Analysis: to identify the tasks the potential users will perform, and in what order.

3. Heuristic Evaluation: Consolidate your findings from your user and task analysis and propose a design and specify system requirements to realize the recommended interface. For example, the number of items to display, the screen size, what colors, how many different screens to display, the devices to you, the physical design.

4. Low-Fidelity Prototype: Develop a low-fidelity (paper) prototype (a minimum of 4 screens). Based on the above requirements, develop a preliminary design of the user interface. At this stage, the prototype is basically a medium to support your initial concept and ideas. For example, the prototype should show where the relevant button locations, how much information would be presented on each screen, etc. Low-fidelity prototyping mainly allows designers to produce alternative designs expediently without having to go into depth or functionality. Think of low-fidelity prototyping as the 5D tool for design, draft, decide, discard, and do-over.

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5. Feedback and Survey: Perform an interim evaluation of your design by creating a method of feedback and asking 3-4 potential users (e.g. friends, family members, classmates, etc.) to complete the feedback for your low-fidelity paper prototype. Carry out the evaluation according to prescribed methods found in the textbook (Shneiderman & Plaisant, 2017) or from other scholarly sources.

6. High-Fidelity Prototype: Based on the user test feedback and recommendations develop a high-fidelity prototype. The high-fidelity prototype should be an online mock-up of your proposal and should demonstrate some navigation, although it does not need to work as a complete interface. A minimum of 4 screens should be produced in correspondence to your storyboard. The high-fidelity prototype must be computer-based and any software is acceptable including PowerPoint, storyboarding, etc.

7. Evaluation Plan: Create an evaluation plan with recommendations on the tools and methods you intend to use to evaluate the usability of your interface.
Upon the completion of the task, you are to required provide a formal report to document the tasks and the outcome of your efforts undertaken for the project. Remember, this report is intended for your employers and as such be professionally formatted and presented. Your report will support the viability of your interface and as such needs to convince your employer that your interface design is satisfactory and that it meets the user acceptance test.

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