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HRM552 Organizational Behavior Management Assessment Answer

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Learning Outcomes of HRM552 Organisational Behaviour Management Course

Upon successful completion of HRM552 Organization Behaviour Management Assessment students should be able to:

  • critically examine the propositions and assumptions of theorizing about the organizational behavior in general;
  • comparison and analysis of strengths and weaknesses on the organizational behavior theories relevant to managers with human resource responsibilities;
  • critique and the application of organizational behavior theories and concepts to case studies and/or problems in their own workplaces;
  • and evaluation of current organizational practices and to develop strategies that may assist in the understanding and the management of employee behavior.

Brief on HRM552 Organisational Behaviour Management Assessment:

The study which examines the influence of individual or group behavior and structure on an organization is organizational behavior. Organizational behavior study directly impacts the improvements in the business process in the findings of organizational behavior.

Understanding human behavior is important for dealing efficiently with human resources.

This assessment is to be completed in three parts:

  1. HRM552 Organisational Behaviour Management Assessment item 1: Individual blog (length: 600 words)
  2.  Organisational Behaviour Management Assessment item 2: group report (length: 2500 words)
  3. HRM552 Organisational Behaviour Management Assessment item 3: Critical reflective blogs (length: 600 words)

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The Task  in HRM552 Organisational Behaviour Management Assessment item 1:

The individual blog is to provide recruiters with a source of important information about the applicants by using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The task  in HRM552 Organisational Behaviour Management Assessment item 2:

Group Report,  one of the key managerial tasks is motivating and empowering the workforce. However, not every manager has a background in organizational behavior, and hence, their understanding of how to motivate employees might be limited.

HRM552 Assessment  Task 3:

Critical reflective Blogs, in this task you need to set up and use interact 2 blog tools. You also need to post your reflections on four(4) OB topics of your choice. “What is the applicability and relevance of OB theory/model/concepts for me as a practitioner in my workplace?” should be the starting question for your reflection.

You should explore discrepancies between the theory and practice, and the implications of your workplace identified.
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