HI6008-Business Research T2 Assessment-Holmes Institute Australia


Assignment 1 – the Topic Approval – is to ensure you have given sufficient thought to the topic you are choosing to base your research project on. You will ideally work with a group consisting of 2 or 3 classmates. Your respective contributions will be governed by the Team Charter, which is a document you will produce at the same time as your Topic Approval submission. The Team Charter is to indicate, essentially, what roles will be played by each member of the team.

Your tutor will LEAD and FACILITATE you through the process, week by week. The learning will be progressive, so for best results, you will need to be listening to the weekly lectures as well as in contact with your tutor during the interactive tutorials.


1. Say why this topic interests your team

2. Discuss your team’s initial search for relevant literature and show that it has provided you with a good contextual understanding

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3. Define the Research Problem that your team intends to address (as you see it, so far)

4. Propose at least ONE research question that your team will be seeking to answer through your research project (additional questions may be defined as you progress with this unit)

5. List the student numbers and names of your team members, complete a Team Charter (see template) and include it in your submission as an appendix.


Here the team members must participate in robust discussion during which they discuss their individual interests, strengths, and weaknesses and contemplate who can best contribute what over the period of the business research project. For example, while all members of the team must contribute to the whole project, the team members may decide that a particular person will take the lead role in a certain section of the project, such as the sourcing of relevant literature. [If one member takes on the lead role it doesn’t mean that others don’t do any of the work, just that they will be guided by the one leading that section of the project]. It is recommended that each team member assumes a leading role for one aspect of the team effort. The result of your discussions should be documented in a table similar to the one below. [Note that you need to define the roles; those listed are simply examples]. Each person’s name and student number must appear at least once on the table. There may be more than one person allocated to any role.

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