HI5019 Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise T2 Assignment Help – Holmes Institute Australia


Part 1

1. The current organizational structure:

2. What operational problems (e.g., inefficiency, errors) do you think the organization could experience because of this structure?.

3. What is the most likely system acquisition method— commercial software, custom software, or ERP?

4. Describes and prepare a system flowchart of the sales procedures for the chosen organization (company)?

5. Identify any control problems in the system and what sorts of fraud are possible in this system?

Part 2: 

1. Development and adoption of the accounting software packages:

2. The current market size:

3. Identify the leaders in the market and what gives them the competitive advantage:

4. Identify the current gaps or challenges encountered by users or customers of accounting software/packages:

5. Relevant suggestions or recommendations.

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