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HI5015-Legal Aspects T1 Assessment Answer-Holmes Institute Australia

Purpose Of Assessment

Students are required to research an International Law Case of your choice from the list provided in this document and explain in a report format, the background of the dispute, the facts, the legal issues and doctrines, individual parties’ arguments, the relevant court’s decision and the overall importance of the case in international law. The following learning outcomes are applicable in this assessment:   Understand the overall structure of the global legal environment in which business operates today. Apply an understanding of national and international legal practices to international business law issues. Critically examine the effect the diversity in the international business and legal environment. Critically analyze the social-political and economic aspects of global business link and impact on the law. Critically evaluate the diversity and similarity of how firms are currently regulated and governed by global regulatory bodies around the world. Achieve a firm understanding of global legal issues in intellectual property, foreign investment, money and banking, sales, transportation and financing.

*Note: Students are required to form and self-enroll into groups – a maximum of 4 students per group. You will not be able to submit your group assignment unless you are OFFICIALLY enrolled into a designated group in Blackboard (even if it is a solo group of 1). Submit the group assignment as a single document, including the Holmes official COVER SHEET. Once formed, the group members should not be changed for the duration of the trimester.

Group Assignment Specifications


This group assignment aims to evaluate students’ legal research skills by familiarizing themselves with their selected International legal case. Students will need to critically evaluate the background of the case matter (dispute), identify the facts, state the legal issues, put forward both individual parties’ arguments, examine the tribunal’s decision and consider the importance of the case in international law.

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Please organize yourselves into groups of 4 students. The assignment consists of the following:

Group Report – worth 30% and must be submitted on Week 9 – Friday 21st May 2021 at 11.59 pm.

Select a case from the list of International Law Cases below or refer to the ICJ or WTO websites.

1. One member of each group will need to post a message to the discussion board advising all of the other students about which case has been selected. This is very important.

2. The Unit Co-Ordinator will respond to each group’s post on the discussion board and grant approval of the selected case, provided that it has not already been selected.

3. Research, read, and understand your selected International Legal case in groups of four (4) students.

4. Prepare and submit a written report discussing the following points as part of the IRAC* method:

a) background of the dispute

b) brief facts of the case

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c) the legal issues presented

d) the individual parties’ arguments / defenses / perspectives

e) the tribunal’s decision / Judgement handed down

f) the importance or significance of the case in international law (i.e. why the case is important in the development of international law). You can also discuss any other developments

following the court or tribunal’s decision.

10 mins PowerPoint presentation during the interactive tutorial session from weeks 9 – 12.

Group Assignment structure is to be in a report format. It must include:

Holmes Cover Page

a) Executive summary

b) Table of contents

c) Section headings

d) Paragraphing

e) Page numbers

The reference list at the end of the report

(IRAC Method = Issues + Rules (Regulations) + Analysis + Conclusion)


1. All group report submissions must be done online and run through SafeAssign. No hard copies are to be submitted. Only one group member needs to submit for the whole group.

2. Please fill in the “Group Report cover sheet” (available in Blackboard under “Assignments and Due dates) and attach it as a cover sheet to your group report and upload it on Blackboard.

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3. Each group must include the “Peer Evaluation of Individual Participation in Group Assignment” sheet (available in Blackboard under “Assignments and Due dates) in the report.

4. Non-submission of the group report on Blackboard or group reports which have not been submitted through SafeAssign is equivalent to a non-submission, which will mean a mark of 0 (zero) for the group assignment.

5. This is a group assignment and is meant to be worked on in groups of four students only.

6. Reports must be submitted via Safe-Assign on Blackboard and show a similarity percentage figure. Any group report that does not show a Safe-Assign similarity percentage will not be marked and be required to re-submit.

7. Late submissions will be subject to Holmes Institute policy on student assessment submission and late penalties (please refer to subject outline and Student handbook).

Citation and Referencing:

The group report must have a minimum of six (6) scholarly, academic references, which are appropriate for a Masters’s Level assignment.

Assignments are expected to observe proper referencing in accordance with a generally accepted system of citation (e.g. Harvard System). A properly referenced assignment showing in-text citation is critical to passing and obtaining a good mark in the group assignment.

Safe-Assign Similarity Percentage:

Plagiarism in any form, shape, or manner is unacceptable under any circumstances and will be dealt with according to Institute policy on plagiarism. Refer to the section below on Academic Integrity.

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