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HI5003 Economics For Business Assessment Answer – Holmes Institute Australia

1) Choose ANY One topic from the following list:

a) Australia’s stand on Renewable energy

b) Demand and supply of ANY resources in Australia which includes human resource also

c) Oligopoly, Monopoly and Duopoly structures in any ONE or TWO industries in Australia and their effect in the market

d) Growth in Australian Agricultural sector for Export market

e) Costs of Production in any one or two industries in Australia

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2) Evaluate your chosen topic from an economic perspective. You should include

a) The essence of the story (1 to 2 paragraphs): Introduce the issue, who is interested in it, and why.

b) The economic analysis (3 to 4 paragraphs): Explain how you can present the issue in terms of economic concepts and theories you have learned in class.

c) Explain your view (2 to 3 paragraphs): Explain what actions you would recommend to the key players and/or policyholders.

d) Explain how the above analysis supports your conclusion (1 to 2 paragraphs).

3) You may provide graphs/charts/diagrams where necessary to enhance your presentation style.

4) Students need to submit ONLY the SOFT COPY of the assignment and upload it on BB by that time.

5) References (between 4 to 6 which includes academic and news and media)

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