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HI5002 Finance for Business Holmes Assignment Answer

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Finance for business (HI5002) is taught to strengthen the innate understanding of a business. The main aim of the organization is to maximize its earnings and decrease potential risks.

Its goal is to manage various aspects of a business like Investment planning, Income tax management, marketing for services, etc. These activities are crucial to help an organization reach its maximum potential.

This subject is taught at Holmes Institute, one of the very few institutes which help students gain good quality assignments help australia to maximize their critical thinking, logical and social skills. Finance for business at this institute in Australia in one of its most insightful degrees named Master of Professional accounting. This module is one of the core subjects because of its high importance and practicality in real life.

The students have to complete this course with a minimum of 50% grade. In the cases of late submission or absence of submission, you will have to incur penalties for the course. The rules and regulations along with the policies under students’ handbooks have to be met.

This should be in accord with the set of instructions given by the teacher for finance for business – HI5002 assignment. The penalties include supplementary assignments.

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This subject is for one trimester and carries three credit points. The mode of delivery for this course is online which includes 1.5 hours of recorded lectures and the same amount of time for tutorial work.

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Importance of HI5002 Finance for Business Course

Management of finances for a business is crucial because it helps in the management of operations, organize cash flow and generation of capital, etc. These are the foundational steps in running a business. And, if these activities work in an optimum and smooth manner, make them primary activities for the seamless running of an organization.

Salient Feature of HI5002 Finance for Business

As mentioned above, this unit has a lot of importance in terms of the smooth flow of a business. It has various important factors that affect an organization and are listed as follows:

  • Management of operations: To maximize the profit generation ability of a firm, operations management is done. Within an organization, to create the maximum amount of productivity, resources, and manpower are allocated. To fabricate such a system to categories different assets differently is known as Management of operations.
  • Organization of cash flow: To put it simply, it is the management of cash payments and cash bills of a firm in a structured format. This makes the decision-making process easy to formulate.
  • Generation of capital: To maximize profits and to oversee activities that lead to monetary benefits is known as the generation of capital. Finance for business has one of the most important factors called capital generation.

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HI5002 Finance for Business – Outcome of Learning 

 The successful completion of the course would mean that you will learn the following. The activities that make Finance for Business (HI5002) an important core subject are also listed as below:

  • Application of basic foundational knowledge of finance in organizations day to day and long-term activities.
  • Gaining critical thinking skills with the direct implementation of logic and fairness.
  • Figuring out the problematic aspects of a firm and finding out ways to improve these areas.
  • To get a hold of merging, acquiring, and investing decisions in a business.
  • The overall analysis of the growth of a business and use it to formulate strategies for the future.

To conclude, the students will gain overall knowledge about practicality in business and to understand the decision-making process for the important areas of a firm.

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HI5002 Finance for Business Sample Questions 

 Question: A company announces its operations with 40 percent debt and 60 percent equity. Its net income is I = $16 million and it has a dividend payout ratio of x = 25%. Its capital budget is B = $15 million this year. The annual yield on the companyís debt is rd = 10% and the companyís tax rate is T = 30%. The companyís common stock trades at P0 = $55 per share, and its current dividend of D0 = $5 per share is expected to grow at a constant rate of g = 10% a year. The áotation cost of external equity, if it is issued, is F = 5% of the dollar amount issued. What is the company’s WACC?


HI5002 Finance for Business Holmes Assignment Help

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