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HI5001 Accounting for Business Decisions is a module for higher education under the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) degree at Holmes Institute in Australia. This module teaches various skills to students like analytical, design and routine which polish the students for further.

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The data that has been formulated according to the accounting structure is one of the dynamic forces for a business. This kind of business decision accounting helps you to take and influence long term strategies and short term goals which help an organization to move forward. This provides insight over these decision making processes. Measuring, controlling and communicating are essential parts of the decision making part of accounting for an organization.

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HI5001 Accounting for business decisions is a unit which helps to improve strategies of a business through the successful development and implementation of accounting methods. These accounting methods are introductory facilitation of information.

To be precise, under accounting for business decisions – HI5001, strategic decisions about financial and non-financial information and their categorization is done. Creating such data to organize and implement a company’s strategic objectives is the objective of a firm.

When this module is successfully completed, you will learn the following stated objectives.

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This module will teach you the parallel alignment of employees and leaders interests with reference to the company’s objectives. The below-mentioned outcomes of learning are taught under HI5001 accounting for business decisions.

  • Formulate accounting data to make long term decisions
  • Using this data to facilitate seamless development, implementation and improvement of businesses goals and strategies under accounting business decisions at this Australian university named Holmes.
  • Drawing a parallel between leaders’ and their employees’ interests while aiming to grow the business under accounting for business decisions.
  • Evaluation of the performance of every person in the company to have control over long term strategies of the business.

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Assignments are to be submitted in time and through the mail. Penalties exist if students are late in submitting accounting for business decision assignments or if they fail to submit. All kinds of assignments are two be submitted in the time duration allotted by the teacher. Supplementary assignments are to be submitted as penalties for those who lag behind.

Online tests, individual reflective journal, individual assignments and tutorial questions assignments are the kind of assessments under this unit.

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QUESTION 1: Accounting information can be categorized for two major sources under accounting for business decisions. Mention these sources and the kind of information that is required by them.

Answer: The two types of sources for accounting for business decisions are internal sources and external sources.

Accounting for business decisions has Internal sources which are of various types as given below along with the kind of data that these internal sources require:

  • Operations managers, one of the internal sources who require accounting information need this data for figuring out the growth of the company with respect to the selling price of the product/service.
  • The decision whether to merge a company or to acquire in relation to not doing either of the two is done by the CEO that is, Chief Executive Officer and the board of directors. Hence, they are another kind of internal source for whom the accounting information is important.
  • The general manager of the divisions needs accounting information while being the internal sources. This is because they need data to oversee if they should manufacture more products.
  • Another kind of internal source who requires accounting information is the accounting managers. To formulate a statement on how much the business owes the suppliers.

External sources are the type of users requiring the accounting information for the business decisions for the following reasons:

  • Employees require this data to foresee if the business is profitable enough to be able to continue paying them.
  • Another kind of party which requires this information and is an external source is potential investors. They need this data because they want to figure out if they should invest in the company.
  • Government is the type of external source which requires this information because of taxation purposes.
  • To know the return on investment, shareholders require this information and are an external source.

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QUESTION 2: There is a difference between the kind of work performed commerce accountants, public accountants and non-profit organization accountants. State this difference and mention the reason because of which this difference arises.

ANSWER: The difference is stated as below for the different types of accountants and the reason for which this difference is there in Accounting for Business Decisions.

  1. Commerce Accountants helping in business decision making:

The CFO (Chief Financial officer) accounts for all the responsibilities that the management team does. This helps in accounting business decisions in the following ways:

  • Cost Accounting: The kind of managerial accounting that helps in decision making of the business is known as cost accounting. This helps in assessing the cost of production, the operational costs etc.
  • General Accounting: To look over the general business decisions made by the company. As a transaction, records are known as general accounting.
  • Budgeting: To make future business prediction decisions on how much the company should spend is known as budgeting.
  1. Public Accounting for business decisions:

These kinds of accountants run the accounting processes for the general public. This happens against a fee. These general public services are administration, taxation, insolvency, assurance services, auditing etc.

  1. Non-profit organization accountants for business decisions:

The accountants which are related to the allocation of resources for various purposes in a city or state. They work according to the laws of the federation. Other examples of a non-profit organization for business decision making is for religious places, private institutes etc.

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