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It has been observed that most of the students face problems while writing their accounting assignments. Writing an accounting assignment is not an easy task to accomplish for undergraduates. The subject contains so many difficult topics which are part of the assignment such as financial statementcash flowbalance sheet, vis-a-vis incomeanalyze the performance of a business, etc.

These topics are difficult to read and learn and most of the time students ignore the importance of such topics. Assignments and projects are based on these topics are most difficult. Hence it creates trouble for the student when they start writing their assignment.


It is a well-known fact that accounting plays an important role in business decision-making because the accounting system produces information in the form of financial statements that will be used by the stakeholders to access the liquidity, creditworthiness, and solvency of the business. It helps the students to learn about accounting and provides the ability to recognize and understand the principles of accounting.

It teaches the students about how to apply these principles to the production and interpretation of financial reports for management and external parties or business clients. It creates the business environment and the place of accounting in the public and private sectors.

The objective

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After successful completion of the subject, students would be able to:-

1. Students will learn to understand the role of accountants and accounting information in the business world environment.

2. Students will learn accounting information in the internal and external decision contexts of a business.

3. Students will evaluate the basic business information provided in the famous media.

What Topics will Students get in Accounting for Business Decisions Assignment?

Accounting is in itself a broad subject and the backbone of the business world. Considered as one of the most difficult subjects, accounting holds its roots in the business sector. Our subjects experts are proficient scholars of accounting and hence able to write any of the topics accounting. Here are some of the topics that are covered by our experts –

Accounting Ratio – It is the comparison of two or more financial data that are used for analyzing the financial statement of firms.  It is known as the most effective tool which is used by the creditors, shareholders, and stakeholders to understand the financial status, profitability, and strength of the firm.

Debt-to-Equity Ratio – It is a financial ratio highlighting the relative proportion of shareholder’s debt and equity used to finance a company’s assets. It is very close to leveraging.

Time Interest Earned Ratio –  Interest coverage or times interest earned ratio is a measure of a firm’s ability to honor its debt payments. It can be calculated as either EBITDA (earnings before interest and taxes, depreciation, and Amortization) or EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) divided by the total interest expense.

Accrual Accounting – It is known as an accounting method where expenses and revenue are recorded when a transaction occurs rather than when payment is received or made.

Cash and Accounting – When revenue and expenses are recorded when cash is paid and received. In simple statements, it is the method where payment receipts are recorded during the time in which they are received and expenses are recorded in the time in which they are truly paid.

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