HC2091 Business Finance Individual Assessment Answer-Holmes Institute Australia

Assignment Task:

You are required to answer the following questions to reflect what you have learned in Topic 1 (covered by recorded Lecture 1 and Interactive Tutorial Session for Topic 1) and Topic 2 (covered by recorded Lecture 2 and Interactive Tutorial Session for Topic 2):

Lecture 1: What are the three fundamental questions of corporate finance. How are they connected to the different areas of a company’s balance sheet and three activity categories of a company?

Lecture 2: Why profit maximization is not relevant as the goal for a finance manager?

Lecture 3: How a corporation is different from a sole trader in terms of legal status, lifetime, the liability of the owner, governance, tax, and agency problem?

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Lecture 4: What are the key concepts of finance we have learned in Interactive Tutorial Session 2? Briefly explain each of them. What did your lecture ask you to pay your special attention and note down?

Lecture 5: How many practice questions did you work with your lecturer in the interactive tutorial in that session? What are the formulas you have learned and practices with your lecturer in the session (name the formulas and present them)? What are the problems did you encounter when you worked on that practice questions?

Lecture 6: Analyse the following case and answer the questions :

In 2 years, Alice will receive a 21st birthday present from her parents as a lump sum of money. She plans to put that amount of money into an investment and estimates that given the rate of interest is 12%, she can earn $7,500 in 7 years. How much money Alice’s parents will give her in two years?

1. This question is about finding present value or future value?

2. Perform calculation to find out how much money Alice will receive for her birthday present?

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