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HC1082 Marketing Assignment

Assignment Specifications Task Criteria: 

There are two parts to this assignment.

Part 1 – Analysis of Mini Case (must demonstrate understanding of the theories or concepts in the case and their applications.

Part 2 – Critical Thinking. Must demonstrate critical thinking skills to develop a valid discussion and with supporting evidence to your chosen product and target markets.

Details of task requirements: Part 1: Mini Case (video) Analysis of Market Segmentation, watch “Grilled Burger” ad on YouTube, and answer 2 questions below.

A.    Explain the concept of Market Segmentation and describe at least three target markets on the “Grilled YouTube video”

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B.    Explain the concept of “Positioning” and discuss the “Grilled Burger” positioning strategy in the video.

Part 2: Theory and Application of Marketing mix (4Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place).

1. Students to selects one product with 2 of the target customer groups.

2. Discuss how 4Ps of Marketing Mix can be applied in a particular group chosen and how value can be created in each of the marketing mixes.

3. Give your justification for two groups of customers that you selected for that product. 


A.    This task will assess the student’s ability to analyze the marketing activities of a particular organization, with a focus on analyzing the target market and buying behavior for a particular organization. Students will be required to refer to some relevant theory from textbooks and other readings to show their understanding of the theory and apply it in context. Provide at least one (1) recent (last 12 months), original example to illustrate your understanding of the concept.

B.    Must justify your discussion with relevant references. Must include at least a minimum of 6 academic and 4 industry references.

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