ENGR10003 Engineering Systems Design 2 Unimelb Assignment Answer

This is the assignment sample of ENGR10003 Engineering Systems Design 2 Unimelb.

Engineering Systems Design 2 will develop the students’ understanding of how engineers work through problem-solving and creativity.

Engineering Systems Design 2 focuses on interdisciplinary connections in engineering systems drawing from important examples like lightweight structures, digital electronic circuits, and nuclear power plants.

This subject will prepare them for what is sure to be an exciting education that allows you to serve society’s increasing needs as it becomes more complex with each passing day!

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Assignment Solution of ENGR10003 Engineering Systems Design 2.

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Assignment Activity 1. Analyze and design simple combinational logic circuits

Designing combinational logic circuits is a process that relies on computer-aided design tools, but it is possible to work without them if necessary.

You start by reading and understanding the specifications of the digital system you are working on.

The specification should contain input signal names, output signal names, timing constraints (period and setup time), logic operation types such as “AND”, and logical preferences between inputs such as “give priority to A than B”.

With all this information in mind, you can design your circuit by picking up different parts from a library designed for that purpose, or you could create your own through schematic capture software.

It would be best to consult a more detailed description of the process if you plan.

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Assignment Task 2. Describe the inter-relationships in modeling a truss from the statics, materials, and geometric perspectives

There are various ways to represent a truss from the statics perspective, material perspective, and geometric representation standpoint.

The relationship between materials can be illustrated with area diagrams. Stress/strain fields are useful for illustrating deformation energy in trusses where some degrees of freedom are not fully constrained.

Graph theory is a powerful tool in understanding partial constraints on systems like trusses that can be solved analytically using n-ary trees.

Geometric illustration yields graphical illustrations that provide qualitative information about how forces will act on a given point within the trussed element.

Area diagrams also illustrate how statically indeterminate elements behave by examining their effect on an adjoining node.

Assignment Activity 3. Apply Newton’s second law and analyze simple particle dynamics in one and two dimensions

Newton’s Second Law in One Dimension: The sum of the forces that act on a particle equals the mass of the particle multiplied (dividing) by its acceleration.

In other words, the total force acting on a particle is equal to its inertia (mass) times its instantaneous velocity squared divided by 2 times the distance it has traveled or F=ma.

If this force is in one dimension, then m will be equal to mass and v will be speed in meters per second).

Reversely, if v=10m/s and t=0.2s, then a=210N/(6)(0.2)=310N/0.8m^3^2). With an acceleration of 310 N/0.8m^3^2, we can get the mass from F=ma: m=310N/(6)(0.8m^3^2)=1.5kg

This allows us to find out that the particle is heavy and also moving pretty fast because its speed is 1,500 cm/s.

Newton’s Second Law in Two Dimensions: The force on a particle is equal to its mass multiplied by its acceleration in the x-direction, or Fx=m*ax (where m is the mass of a moving particle and ax is the acceleration).

Conversely, if we know that an object with mass m at location x=3m is experiencing an acceleration of ax=2m/s^2, then we can find out the forces that are acting on it in both x- and y-directions: Fx=ma = (1kg)(5m/s^2)=5N where N is Newtons.

Similarly, Fy=my=(1kg)(-2m/s^2)= 2N. So the net force acting on it is equal to 7N, which means that this object has a total weight of 7 Newtons.

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Assignment Task 4. Write MATLAB programs of moderate complexity to assist in the design and analysis of engineering systems

MATLAB has a lot of helpful tools for engineers to design and analyze. CurveExpert GUI is really useful for designing engineering systems. By using the icons, it’s easy to see how the different parts fit together.

For analysis, one can create 2D or 3D surfaces with datasets from navigation experiments, perform free surface simulations using F__* methods in the surface model, calculate the center of gravity location on the waterline surface by running CGolver.

For calculations that need to be accurate, you will want to either import the shape of things from a computer design program or use a tool called Profile.

For transient simulations, choose ODE45 or Runge-Kutta methods and input the appropriate differential equations and boundary/initial conditions to define the problem at hand.

To help in setting up these models quickly, use PlotMod for 2D plots of various properties (e.g., free surface elevation) or Plot3D for 3D plots.

For postprocessing, use CurveExpert to obtain solutions to your equations and study how they behave in a number of different ways (e.g., animations via a timeline).

Assignment Task 5. Explain the concept of top-down design and give examples of design trade-offs.

Answer: Top-down design is a process in which you start with your broad idea of the product, and then work on narrowing it down using more detailed specifications.

A design trade-off would be one that takes away from an attribute of your product for an improved or increased attribute when shaping the design.

For example, if your object is round, you have to choose whether to make it flat or square–assuming these are two features you’ve decided will best fit what you’re trying to create.

In this case, a trade-off would mean sacrificing the roundness of the shape for having a flat surface or adding onto some other aspect that makes up for less curvature (like adding more dimensionality).

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