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ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assessment Answer

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Supply chain management covers a wide range of tasks that helps in carrying out various steps in the production process smoothly. It is one of the most important topics for students who are pursuing this course.

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Learning outcomes of ENG706s1 Supply Chain Management Assessment Answer:

After successful completion of the ENG706s1 Assessment students will be able to:

  • A sound understanding of the important role of supply chain management in today’s business environment is very important.
  • Students will become familiar with present supply chain management trends, and present supply chain theories, practices, and concepts utilizing case problems, and problem-based learning situations can be understood and applied by a student.
  • Students will be able to use and apply computer-based Supply chain optimization tools.
  • Critical management skills such as negotiating, working productively within a diverse business environment, and ethical decision making and use of information technology can be developed and utilized by the students.
  • The use of effective written and oral communications, critical thinking, team-building, and presentation skills can be demonstrated by a student.

Supply Chain Management Methods and Theories:

Before writing the assessment there are few terms you should be familiar with.
Supply chain management methods and theories are as follows: transaction cost analysis, channel coordination, network perspective, material requirements planning, materials logistics management, a theory of constraints, total quality management, customer relationship management, requirements of chain management, and supply chain road map.
You have to complete this assessment in 2 parts which are: PartA: Company Analysis and Part B: report

In Part A of ENG706s1  coursework:

company Analysis students have to choose a company and do the research on that company. Then you have to briefly explain the business strategy of the chosen company about the supply chain strategy.
After explaining the business strategy, you have to prepare a critical analysis report of their past, present, and future performance.

Then you have to recommend what the company could improve or what they should avoid. You have to make PowerPoint slides and submit it with the report.

While writing Part B:

Report of this assessment you must cover the key points of Supply chain such as business strategy, outsourcing, and offshoring (key benefits, critical problems), Inventory management (supplier management), and use of improvement tools.
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