ECON1000 Economics Assessment Answer

The students studying economics at the University of Southern Queensland need to have in-depth knowledge about the theories and the concepts of the course in full detail.

To test the knowledge and the understanding of the students related to the course, they are given assignments in which they have to write ECON1000 Economics University of Southern Queensland assessment answer and submit by a preset deadline.

Australia Assignment Help can help the students of the University of Southern Queensland in solving their problems related to the Economic economics course. The course is quite difficult and its assignment can be tricky as well. Thus, hiring our experts can help the students in scoring higher grades in exams without any issue.

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What ECON1000 coursework covers?

For every question of the Econ1000 economics assignment whether it is theoretical or practical, our experts know how to solve them. On the other hand, having a piece of basic knowledge about demand and supply functioning is essential for an economics student.

The students studying at the University of Southern Queensland need to solve hypothetical questions like the rise of petrol prices resulting in the government removing the excise tax of 40 cents per liter which is levied on the petrol producers. In such a situation, they are also given a hypothetical demand and supply data from which they have to solve and get the correct answer out of it.

Most of the students fail to get the correct answer and are unable to understand the basic concept. The experts of aid the students by telling them to solve every question with a hypothetical diagram of the demand and supply curve from the data given. They have to show the market prices, its quantity, and taxes on the graph along with the market price paid.

The students also have to assume that the tax levied on the producers is an excise tax of 40 cents per liter by graphing the net of the tax supply curve. They also have to calculate the price elasticity of demand and supply over the price range given before. Analyzing the benefits of tax which gets changed for both the producers and the sellers.

Another thing in their assignment is to discuss the revenue change to the government and the demand and supply elasticity and its importance in the end etc.

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Learning outcomes of ECON1000 Economics University of Southern Queensland Assessment Answer

Here are some of the learning outcomes of the Econ1000 assessment which the students will be benefited from:

  • Proper use of graphs and analyzing the relationships and economic concepts.
  • The students will learn about how to use the production possibility frontier which will help them to illustrate or measure the opportunity cost. They will also learn about the changes in technology and the growth in the economy.
  • Describing the market-based system and its competition level.
  • you can use the demand and supply for calculating the impact of the events on the economy.
  • The explanation of the concepts of externalizes and failures of the market.
  • Knowing about whether to use the marginal utility theory or indifference curve analysis can be helpful in the prediction of consumer response.
  • Difference between the economic benefits and accounting profits. The use of the economic benefits which will help in predicting resource allocation.
  • Derivation and drawing the graph of the short-run total, average, and marginal cost curves as well as long-run cost curves.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of long-run equilibrium outcomes under the market like pure competition, monopoly along with the other market structures.

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