BSBPMG512 Manage Project Time Assessment Answer

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This subject offers a student’s knowledge and skills to conduct ongoing analysis to identify baseline variance. The pool of knowledge and experience in this course is very deep.

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Learning outcomes of BSBPMG512 Manage Project Time Assessment Answers:

After successful completion of the BSBPMG512 Manage Project Time Assessment students will be able to:

  • To enable planning and control students will be able to develop a work breakdown structure with sufficient details.
  •  Achieve project deliverables students will be able to estimate the duration and effort, sequence, and dependencies of the task.
  • To identify baseline variance students will be able to conduct ongoing analysis.
  •  Determine the effectiveness of time management activities students will be able to review schedule performance records.
  • Students will be able to identify and document the time management problems and recommend improvements.
  • Progress of activities according to agreed schedule students will be able to implement the measure, record, and report the progress.
  • To identify the schedule impact on project time management, resource requirements, costs, and risks, students will be able to use project scheduling tools and techniques.

Listed below are some of the questions that a student has to solve in BSBPMG512 Manage Project Time Assessment:

  • Q.1 Students have to conduct project authorization activities.
  • Q.2 Write the definition of the project scope.
  • Q.3 How to manage the project scope control process?

Answer the  Questions using a Project you have previously been involved in:

  • For project authorization what procedures were required?
  • To expand resources how was the authorization obtained?
  • How you have confirmed project authorities and delegations?
  • List all of the project boundaries and how you will identify them?
  • With whom did you establish a shared understanding of the desired project outcomes?
  • What is the process of developing the scope management plan for the desired project? Explain briefly!
  • You have to briefly explain how you implemented the scope management procedure and process!
  • How you have to manage the impact of scope changes?
  • With the scope, changes were there any scope management problems? What would you want to improve in the future?

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