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CNA802 Assessment Task 3 Reflective Paper Assessment Answer

Tasmania University Assignment Cover Sheet

CNA802 is a nursing subject code. A student who comes to Australia for practicing advanced nursing can get enrolled in the University of Tasmania to study CNA802. This subject code is comprised of a quiz and three assessment tasks.

CNA802 Assessment Task 3  is considered to be one of the latest and important assessment tasks. It is a reflective paper. A student who hasn’t written a reflective paper before can face a lot of problems. As there are many rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind while writing a reflective paper. So, you can take reflective paper writing help from our professional nursing assignment helpers.

Students to write CNA802 Assessment Task 3  need to have a good understanding of assessment tasks 1 and 2. If you have excelled in both the tasks then only you can do good in assessment task 3. If you haven’t able to manage good grades in task 1 and task 2, you should take help from our assignment writers for scoring better in assessment task 3.
Below is a sample of CNA802 Assessment Task 3 along with an approach to attempt the task. It will be highly useful for the students who want to attempt the answer on their own. They will learn to attempt this answer.

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CNA802 Assessment Task 3: Sample Question

CNA802 Assessment Task 3 Reflective Paper Answer

The question asks you to give a clear reflection on your experience of working in a group. Most of the students think that they have to simply write 500 or 1000 words of essay to explain the theoretical understanding of working in a team. They are completely wrong and this is the reason they are not able to score high grades in their assessment tasks.

When you are asked to write your own experience in the form of a reflective paper, the answer should be written in 3000 words. You have to elaborate on your answer by reflecting on your experience with the help of some theories and important terms. You have to mention that whatever learning you have achieved during the group project, how it can be used in your future.

What all is included in CNA802 Assessment Task 3?

When you are crafting a 3000 words reflective paper, you need to give a theoretical understanding of all the concepts and the development process. Moreover, you need to you tell about the processes which can be improved and change for the betterment in the future.

In your CNA802 assessment task 3 reflective paper answer you need to explain the role you performed as a part of the team.
An example is given below:
CNA802 Assessment Task 3 Reflective Paper Sample
The above example states the task description in detail which will clear the reflective essay answer. You have to write on the topic of ‘practice development in nursing’.

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Our nursing assessment writers have given a brief explanation of the term

  • Practice development is a continuous process of development of person-centered cultures.
  • The learning involved in practice development helps in bringing transformation at the individual as well as team level.
  • PD is continued by transforming the context and culture where nursing takes place.
  • There is a need for a continuous practice development approach for effective change.
  • When applied, this approach relevantly works on staff as well as patients.

Importance of Practice Development

Our nursing assessment experts have put their efforts into explaining the significance of practice development:

  • It helps in improving patient’s care
  • Improves staff satisfaction
  • Improve the knowledge and skill of staff members
  • Bring shared value and culture in the workplace

Points to Remember While Crafting a Nursing Reflective Paper  

Write clear & concise:
When you are writing the reflective paper,  clearly state the objective of writing the paper. In case you are not able to put the central idea into the paper, you will not get appropriate marks. All your ideas must be cleared to the reader.

Central theme:
The best way to write a central idea is to collect facts related to the topic. The central idea should be presented in a way that is the key point around which the whole paper will revolve. Main ideas can be jot down into a paper so that you do not forget them at the time of writing.

Drafting an outline:
Creating an outline is a very important step to write a reflective paper. It will help you in collecting all the important ideas and make your writing part easier. By outlining beforehand will also help you in sticking to the correct structure and format of writing reflective essays.

Showdown: Writing the reflective paper:
The structure of the reflective paper is similar to that of the essay. Includes an introduction, body paragraph, and a conclusion. Here, you have to write a 3000-word essay for your CNA802 Assessment Task 3. you must mention the purpose of writing the paper in at least 300 words.
The purpose should be clear and precise so that the reader understands it properly. In the body paragraphs, you must write the feelings,  emotions, your experience during the particular event you chose. The end must be done with an impressive conclusion.

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Get CNA802 Assessment Task 3 Reflective Paper Done By Experts 

You must have got the idea that writing a reflective paper is not that easy as writing an essay. The shortage of word count will result in a loss of marks. If you cannot craft a 3000 words reflective paper on your own, take help from our nursing assessment experts.

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