UOW CHEM101 Assessment Answer – Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry

The students studying at the University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia, and pursuing the course CHEM101 Food as energy for life chemistry often find it difficult to determine the appropriate CHEM1012 Assessment answers. As chemistry is a horrifying subject and it is quite challenging to solve the assignments covered in this course. Moreover, there are a lot of students who are looking for some guidance related to CHEM101 food as energy fuel for life chemistry assessment. And who knows you can be one among those students? Well, you don’t have to worry now as all the perfect solutions to the various questions under this assignment and perfect UOW CHEM101: Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry Assessment Answers are available for you on Australia Assignment Help.

UOW CHEM101 Assessment Answer – Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry

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Introduction to chemistry course, CHEM101: Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry

Energy is utilized for transporting, lights, the heating process only but humans also need it for power their body. And this energy is provided by the food we eat. In the CHEM101  assessment, you have to find out whether sugar has higher energy content or fats. All of these generic classes of food will be represented by table sugar which is also known as sucrose and palmitic acid which is the most abundant saturated fatty acid found in any kind of food.
Moreover, the most important fact is that you have to use the concepts of physical chemistry too while solving the CHEM101 assignment questions so that you can easily figure out the aspects of the energy content of the food items, how oxygen gets transported, how much oxygen is required for respiration and lastly the chemical kinetic factors that are helpful in finding the rate of the chemical reaction.

CHEM101: Food As Energy Fuel For Life Chemistry Assessment Question Samples


What kind of functional groups are present in each molecule?
To answer this question perfectly, you should be knowing about the various functional groups. In total, there are seven functional groups that exist in the chemistry of life until now. For example, Carbonyl, Amino, Thiol, Hydroxyl, Carboxyl, Aldehyde, and Phosphate groups.’

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Give a detailed description of the reaction of sucrose with oxygen to produce energy and write the corresponding chemical reaction.
Sometimes it becomes difficult for a student to find the appropriate solution for the question given above. Well, in order to give the exact answer to the question you need to have adequate knowledge about the full mechanism of aerobic respiration reaction along with the result when it reacts with oxygen. It will be a challenging CHEM101  task for almost all the students to directly measure the content of energy released in this respiration reaction.
However, the best way is to consider the thermodynamic enthalpy data for an equivalent overall reaction that proceeds via combustion. Students must have full knowledge of the central postulate of thermodynamics which can be known by the name “Hess’s Law”.


The molar enthalpy of combustion of sucrose, rHo=-5645KJ mol-1. Find out the term that you can use to define the chemical reaction with a negative change in enthalpy.
The molar enthalpy of combustion of sucrose if given in the above question i.e. rHo=-5645 KJ mol-1. And for answering this kind of question where you have to define the chemical reaction in enthalpy, you must be familiar with all the factors of an exothermic reaction. before starting to write CHEM101: Food as energy for life chemistry you should have knowledge about scientific terms and concepts.


Find out the molecular weights of palmitic acid and sucrose, by considering the contribution of all the constituent particles like oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen atoms. Also, give the data in the tabular form.
In order to answer this above question, you are required to have full knowledge about the composition of sucrose as well as palmitic acid. Additionally, you have to mention all this data in the tabular form afterward.


On the basis of the energy content released in the respiration process per gram, which fuel is the most potent fuel among sugar, fats or sucrose? Also mention that whether every new CO bond made via oxidation, releases energy or not?
This is a very obvious fact that human beings need oxygen for respiration on a daily basis. But can we have an estimate that how much oxygen is needed by us?  All you can do is just get an idea of amount of oxygen which human needs to produce the daily energy data. There are a lot more questions that  you need to answer for solving the CHEM101 assignment.

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