CHCECE004: Promote and Provide Healthy Food and Drinks Course Assessment Answers

TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet - nswProviding safe and quality nursing services is the main responsibility of nurses. Another important role of a nurse is to promote healthy eating and drinking habit. CHCECE004 is coursework that is related to the specific field.

The main purpose of CHCECE004 is to help students in developing an understanding of techniques to promote and provide healthy food as well as drinks to children. Another intention is to help nursing students in developing an understanding of requisites for dealing with children.

Many students approach our nursing professionals with queries related to specific subjects. In this article, we are going to provide you CHCECE004 assessment answers on promoting and provide healthy food and drinks.

The topics covered under CHCECE 004 units.

 After studying the specific unit, students will be able to develop an understanding of the different techniques related to promoting healthy eating. Students will also be able to gain knowledge about the strategies which they can apply for ensuring that the food and drinks which they are providing to children are nutritious. 

Students will be able to learn about the ways for ensuring that the food given to children matches their dietary requirements.

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Important concepts related to CHCECE 004:promote and provide healthy food and drinks

Students for writing correct CHCECE 004: promote and provide healthy food and drinks assessment answers need to develop an understanding of different concepts. If in case after gaining knowledge about the concepts students are facing difficulty in writing assignments then they can seek help from our professionals.

Our experts will provide students with few frameworks which play a crucial role in writing assignments on nursing topics.
Below are a few essential concepts that students show know before starting to write CHCECE 004 assessment answers.

  •   Need for feeding infants
  •   Dietary guidelines for children in Australia
  •   Importance of a good diet
  •   Prevention of contamination of microorganisms
  •   Allergic reactions in meal preparations
  •   Food allergies
  •   Code of ethics
  •   Food handling requirements
  •   Different frameworks like the National Quality Framework, Organizational standards, and National Quality Standards.

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These are a few important concepts when it comes to writing answers to CHCECE 004 assessment Questions. All these concepts are basically foundations on which you need to answer questions.

3 types of Assessment under CHCECE 004 unit

After enrolling in CHCECE 004: promote and provide healthy food assessment, students need to complete 3 types of assessments these are:

  • Questions
  • Case studies
  •  Projects

In addition to the above, students also need to complete workbook 11 skills which are basically journal writing. This workbook consists of a mixture of different tasks that students need to complete after completing the vocational placement.
Let’s develop an understanding of different assessment tasks in detail.

How to complete CHCECE 004: promote and provide healthy food and drink assignments?

Promote and provide healthy food and drinks:  Assessment 1

The first assessment task which students need to complete is that they need to answer written questions based on different frameworks.

Below are few Sample queries which students generally ask from us these are here.

Our nursing professional draft answers are mainly based on two frameworks: NQS and EYLF. The expert nursing team of professionals provides comprehensive answers to Questions after doing a detailed study of different nursing frameworks.

Our professionals at the time of writing answers to questions highlight the key points which will help students in getting a good score. Some Questions in this task are included in assessment tasks consisting of real-life situations.

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Case study: Assessment 2 of CHCECE004

The second assessment task in CHCECE 004 consists of a case study. Professor provides different types of case studies. Below is the sample case study which one of our students has shared for getting a reference assignment solution. 

After properly analyzing the case study, our professional has a design checklist for getting ease in writing better solutions.

If you also get such types of case studies and you are unable to suggest answers then can take help from us. In case you are facing issues in completing Promote and Provide Healthy Food and Drinks projects and workbook eleven, then you need to just place an order. Below is the example of case study 2. 

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